ZYX Network listing

ZYX Network is a well-designed blockchain product with wide-ranging capabilities for various user categories.

ZYX listing

The ZYX coin has earned great recognition and popularity among the crypto community https://zyx.network/coin.php . According to the online activity around ZYX, many people want to buy it. has a high popularity and recognition. Trading and staking of the ZYX coin will be available as soon as it is listed on the BitForex exchange.

ZYX was listed on the BitForex exchange on July 31st and now it is available for trading. In a several minutes after the listing, the price of the ZYX coin made x2 and maintains the same level for several days. And this is not the limit. Therefore early investors will get the most profits!

A link to the ZYX listing announcement:

What is BitForex exchange?

BitForex is the global leading financial services platform where users can make secure transactions and use professional trading tools for this. The exchange is one of the top 10 world exchanges according to market capitalization.

BitForex features and advantages

BitForex is a platform for safe and stable work with cryptocurrency. A wide range of financial products is available to users, including trading tokens, futures and other effective financial instruments.

BitForex advantages:
High liquidity
Over 300 trading pairs
Security, stability
The ability to process 1.6 million orders per second.

Trade ZYX coins on the BitForex right now: https://www.bitforex.com/en/spot/zyx_usdt

ZYX Network functions

ZYX relies specifically on the creation of a payment system. ZYX uses JavaScript. This feature allows you to integrate the platform into literally any website.

For maximizing the unification with services ZYX Network uses Web3.js. Thus, the adding of the ZYX Network payment system to any site will be quick and easy.

With ZYX Network, you can send, receive, store, and exchange cryptocurrencies in minutes. The commission is 0.1 ZYX and is fixed.

By creating a wallet on our service, you get the opportunity not only to be a member of the payment system, send and receive transactions, but also have the opportunity to participate in PoS mining.
For creating wallet - https://zyx.network/wallet.php

ZYX Network main advantages:
open source;
speed of generating new blocks;
use of smart contracts
WEB3js technology;
system for increasing the balance of coins.

Register now and start trading and staking ZYX coins: https://www.bitforex.com/en/spot/zyx_usdt

You can join the project on the official website https://zyx.network/

For cooperation and information requests, please contact info@zyx.network

Contact Info:
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Organization: ZYX Network
Website: https://zyx.network/

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