Zurlia Servellon, Business and Sales Consultant, is adding value to her offerings to aid with post-COVID-19 economic recovery

Servellon is offering press release creation and distribution to help businesses recover from the pandemic.

Sacramento, CA – Zurlia Servellon, best-selling author of “Hidden Patterns of a Successful Mind” and leading sales/entrepreneurial consultant, is helping businesses reclaim their footing after Coronavirus shutdowns. One asset that she’s adding for each of her clients is press release creation and distribution. This can help increase the profile of every effort a firm makes to come back from recent economic devastation. Interested parties can learn more at https://www.zurliaservellon.com/.

“The Coronavirus shutdown crushed many businesses,” said Servellon. “Newspapers and stations are excited to publish news about businesses that are recovering. They’re interested in how small- and medium-size businesses that are coming back from one of the most difficult times in history.”

Servellon has begun to offer press release creation and distribution to her clients. This allows a business to get the word out about what they’re doing and helps to garner support for their efforts.

“Many consumers and other businesses are looking to help save businesses that are teetering on the edge of closure,” Servellon said. “By sharing your hard work and successes, you’ll find a sympathetic environment that will reward you with new business and new clients.

“There’s a lot of cynicism about press release and rightly so. Many times, press releases are simply shot out without any targeting of outlets and readers. That’s why my system allows me to distribute press releases to those journalists who really want to see them. The goal is to get your press release in the hands of people who will act on it.

“Attention and the way people perceive you are more critical to build influence than your knowledge will ever be. You can be the most knowledgeable person in the room, but if you don’t know how to convey influence, your knowledge is wasted.”

Providing value in a press release requires skill, patience, and a lot of experience. Servellon delivers that to her clients as part of her comprehensive business and entrepreneur consultation package.

At the core of her guidance is how to sell. How to sell oneself, one’s business, one’s ideas to create massive success using her own methodology called the ACT Method (Attract, Convert, Transform).

Reach out to Zurlia Servellon at contact@zurliaservellon.com to learn how her program can help your business start or recover from the recent shutdown.

“Highly recommended program. Easy to understand, informative, very well organized, extremely effective. The course is full of practical and valuable advice for anyone who wants to enhance their sales and marketing skills. Zurlia's mentorship was a life changing experience. Thank you!!!” - John Bosch, Success Coach

Zurlia Servellon is a California-based industrial and organizational psychologist who helps entrepreneurs and founders scale their revenue and position themselves as leaders in their industry through strategic sales copy. She also helps business leaders master sales skills. Her best selling book, “The Hidden Patterns of a Successful Mind,” has been used by executives at every level.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Zurlia Servellon by email at contact@zurliaservellon.com.

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