ZOZEN SZL series coal-fired boiler successfully passes the environmental protection inspection in Afghanistan

ZOZEN SZL series coal-fired boiler became a model of eco-friendly boiler products with a good performance in Afghanistan.

In order to comprehensively control the air pollution, relevant department in Afghanistan put forward higher requirements for boiler exhaust gas emission and took active measures to shut down a lot of coal-fired boilers that were unable to meet the environmental protection standards. As a well-known industrial boiler manufacturer in Asia, ZOZEN has always optimized various boiler structures and systems according to different fuel characteristics. This time, ZOZEN SZL series coal-fired boiler became a model of eco-friendly boiler products with a good performance in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, coal-fired boilers occupied a large proportion and boiler chimneys with black smokes could be seen everywhere. These black smokes carried a lot of harmful substances such as carbon atoms, dusts, sulfides which could seriously damage the environment and endanger people’s heath. Therefore, the Afghan government formulated a series of environmental protection policies which put forward higher requirements for the exhaust gas emission and strictly controlled the Ringelman emittance of boilers.

According to ZOZEN after-sales service personnel in Afghanistan, on November 14, a large-scale environmental protection inspection of coal-fired boilers was carried out in Afghanistan and a large number of factories whose emissions did not meet the standards were closed. However, ZOZEN SZL series coal-fired boiler customized for Baheer paper factory successfully passed the environmental protection inspection by virtue of sufficient output, high combustion efficiency and ultra clean exhaust gas emission.

According to the coal characteristics, ZOZEN technical team optimized and reasonably arranged the furnace arch, furnace and furnace heating surface, adjusted the ratio of primary to secondary air and optimized the secondary air layout to make the fuel combustion more sufficient. What’s more, ZOZEN also set the reasonable coal layer thickness and grate rotate speed to improve the fuel burn-off rate and protect the grate to extend the boiler’s service life.

Out of the common pursuit of environmental protection, ZOZEN also customized a set of more cost-effective boiler exhaust gas treatment system for Baheer. It adopted cyclone + wet scrubber dust removal method. After filtration, ash removal and dust cleaning, the dust removal efficiency could reach over 98% and the desulfurization efficiency could reach over 85%. It lowered the dust emission concentration to 250mg/Nm3 and made the Ringelman emittance lower than 1 degree, so it could meet the strict environmental protection requirements to help Baheer realize clean production.

About ZOZEN:
ZOZEN Boiler founded in 1988 has always designed and optimized various boiler structures and systems and produced high-quality boiler products for the market based on the persistent pursuit of technological innovation and quality improvement. At present, ZOZEN has provided high-quality services for customers from over 100 countries and regions. As the environment protection policies in Afghanistan become increasingly strict, ZOZEN will adhere to the core concept of “energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection” and continue to research on the clean coal combustion technology to bring more energy-saving and eco-friendly boiler products for customers in Afghanistan.

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