ZOFT Produces Custom Range of Sweet Candy Gifts for Sweethearts This Valentine’s Day

ZOFT create Gum, Mints, Candy and Confections for suppliers around the world, and is offering heart-shaped special orders to help brands cash in when love is in the air.

How St. Valentine’s Day came about is something of a mystery- some believe it replaces the pagan feast of Lupercalia, some believe it is because birds begin to couple off in February ready for the first sign of spring. Others believe it is simply because St. Valentine died on that day. Whatever the reason, from Chaucer to Butler, celebrating courtly love on this day has been a tradition beloved by literature, and now by businesses too, as they can profit from the desire to express love in all sorts of novel ways. ZOFT Gum Company is now offering the means to create heart shaped mints and candies to give the gift of sweet candy to sweethearts.

As a contract mint manufacturer, ZOFT can create mints with a custom flavor formulation for companies selling their own brand of mints and even augment these with special ingredients. Equally, companies and corporations looking for tie-in marketing opportunities can choose from one ZOFT’s own formulations and get mints packaged with their own branding and chosen visual identity.

This mint manufacturing enables companies to take advantage of a timely marketing opportunity, offering employees, consumers or passer’s by a chance to freshen their breath with heart shaped mints before they kiss that special someone. This can associate feelings like excitement, relief, gratitude and love with a brand, turning a novelty into something with real marketing power.

A spokesperson for ZOFT explained, “We are capable of creating chewing gum, candies, mints and confections in a huge variety of possible permutations, with our own delicious preset formulations for the easiest ordering possible. By creating heart shaped candies and mints, we are giving brands the opportunity to help lovers make a success of the big day, and build good will from their target markets. It’s a fun and novel way to say happy Valentine’s Day.”

About ZOFT Gum Company:
ZOFT Gum Company is one of the biggest U.S. private label manufacturers when it comes to value added chewing gum. The company is based in Port St. Lucie, FL. ZOFT has developed and manufactured products including those for Dental care, Recalcification, Probiotics, Periodontal products, Energy, Stress management, Weight loss, Metabolic, Nutricosmetic, Antioxidants, and many more.

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