Zofran Recall Center Publishes New Information on Lawsuits Related to Use of The Drug

Individuals who have given birth to a son or daughter with birth defects following use of Zofran need to visit the site to learn more about their legal options, reports ZofranRecallCenter.com

Zofran increases the risk of birth defects by 30 percent, according to several lawsuits filed across the country. Numerous individuals blame this medication for problems their children experience following its use during pregnancy, with one family in San Francisco stating it caused their child's heart defect and another in Massachusetts declaring Zofran responsible for nine birth defects. With many claims involving zofran birth defects being investigated, anyone who has made use of the drug needs to learn more about potential zofran side effects.

"Many doctors provide Zofran for patients to help combat vomiting and nausea, yet new research shows the medication can lead to birth defects. As a result, parents are looking to obtain zofran settlements to help care for children affected by the medication. These families look to GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Zofran, to provide these settlements, claiming they failed to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration before promoting this medication," Brian Phillis, spokesperson for Zofran Recall Center, explains.

Doctors legally have the right to prescribe this medication for pregnant women, yet GlaxoSmithKline cannot advertise the medication for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, these lawsuits claim. The reason for this is the manufacturer failed to conduct adequate studies into the use of Zofran for this purpose, and the off-label use is what led to these birth defects, according to papers filed with various courts.

"Many doctors now, on the advice of drug manufacturers, provide medications for off-label use. This isn't uncommon in the healthcare industry, as physicians wish to provide the best care for their patients. They turn to the drug makers to determine which medications may be of benefit to those they are treating. The drug manufacturer remains liable for ensuring adequate research has been done on a drug before recommending it for various purposes," Phillis continues.

Zofran was initially approved to assist cancer patients struggling with nausea and vomiting following treatment. They never requested approval from the Food and Drug Administration for use in women suffering from morning sickness. They have pleaded responsible for illegal marketing of Zofran and fraud and compensated $3 billion as part of the legal settlement. However, they are now being taken to court again for further legal action.

"Anyone who has taken Zofran during pregnancy and then given birth to a child with birth defects should visit Zofran Recall Center. Birth defects reported with use of the drug include hereditary heart defects, cleft palates or cleft lips and wrongful dying. Compensation may be available, which is why everyone should look into this site. Medical treatment for these conditions tends to be expensive and parents need to ensure they have the funds to help their child. This site can be of help," Phillis declares.

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