Zippy Kiddy Launches Baby Product to Help New Parents Better Manage Messy Drooling

The family-owned business Zippy Kiddy provides practical yet fashionable solution to baby drooling. Their baby bandana drool bibs work as a protection from drool while keeping baby’s clothes dry and stylish thereby saving a lot of time on changing baby clothing frequently.

In an effort to bring the best parenthood experience especially for new parents, the family-owned business Zippy Kiddy provides practical yet fashionable solution to baby drooling. Their bandana drool bibs work as a protection from moisture and mess while keeping baby’s clothes dry and stylish.

While drooling is a messy situation for both children and parents with loads of laundry in the making and frequent change of baby clothes, drool bibs are known to alleviate parents’ workload. They are believed to save a lot of time eliminating the need to change baby clothing frequently. However, during teething and drooling period, most parents are terrified of a thought that the baby might lie wet for long hours if they miss to pay attention to, and might even fall sick or have skin rashes because of extended wetness of its clothes.

Seeing that many new parents especially moms are facing this problem and burdened with routine workload, Zippy Kiddy strives to help new parents by freeing up their time they waste on unnecessary laundry and frequent change of clothes. This is why, in addition to a practical aspect, which is drool absorption and keeping your child dry and comfortable for longer hours, Zippy Kiddy also highlights style and fashion during drooling. Instead of a boring and no-style traditional bib that doesn’t match your baby’s outfit, Zippy Kiddy came up with gender-neutral designs for scarf-like bandana bibs, which can be mixed and matched with different outfit both for baby girls and baby boys.

In celebration of its upcoming launch on, the company has provided a limited time discount offer for the first 100 customers who can sign up and get a 6-pack of baby bandana drool bibs with a complimentary pacifier clip as a gift for 10% off regular price. The discount coupon can be redeemed here by joining VIP Moms Club.

In founders’ own opinion who are parents too, “these bandana drool bibs can be a time-saver when your baby drools or you’re even bottle feeding... as it’s much more convenient to change and wash a bandana bib than a whole wet dress each time. But not only did we look for practical solutions for parents but we also wanted babies to look stylish and fashionable in these drool bibs.”

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