ZingServ Goes Green Using Organic Only Cleaning Products For All Duct And Carpet Cleanings

ZingServ has a made a commitment to sustainable business practices by ensuring their cleaning products are organic and sustainably sourced, eschewing hazardous chemical agents.

Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a healthy home. As winter sets in, cleaning is especially important to keep homes free of dirt and disease, at a time when people are most vulnerable. However, cleaning agents are almost always composed of astringent, hazardous chemicals that are toxic to environment and only usable if an area is extensively ventilated- a difficult task in the cold of winter. ZingServ has appropriately decided to go green, using organic and sustainable cleaning solutions that prove every bit as effective without the damaging environmental cost.

The Texas cleaning company has made the transformation complete and total- not a single one of their services will use conventional cleaning fluids, and yet all promise to be just as effective, if not more, through using organic, sustainably sourced alternatives. These green cleaning services will prove to be increasingly popular as awareness is raised over the environmentally damaging nature of common household cleaners.

The company offers Houston, Austin and San Antonio cleaning services including carpet and rug cleaning, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and even water damage restoration, together with a full suite of business and home services to ensure both private and corporate clients are well catered for.

A spokesperson for ZingServ explained, “ZingServ is proud to be participating in the green revolution. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said just yesterday that leaders must take immediate action on climate change, and we are doing our part to do just that. We understand that the responsibility is shared equally between governments, businesses and private citizens, and that many citizens now make their decisions according to their environmental impact. Despite our responsible ethics, we are still eminently affordable and see our green cleaning services are delivered with an absolute priority on customer satisfaction.”

About ZingServ: ZingServ offer Green cleaning solutions for the home and office. All their staff are certified, bonded and follow EPA recommendations and stringent cleaning regulations. The company’s number one priority is customer satisfaction, ensuring that ZingServ continually innovate both the services they provide and the delivery of those services. As such, the company is expanding rapidly both in terms of its provision and service areas.

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