ZeroGen Announces Seminars to Introduce New Technologies and Save Energy Costs

Solar energy project shares passion for green energy and saving money.

Australians are increasingly aware of the importance of finding sustainable, renewable sources of energy beyond carbon based fuels to reduce pollution, and dependence on finite fossil fuel resources. People desire to be able to leave a better, cleaner world for generations to come. ZeroGen, an Australian based enterprise with a passion for renewable energy - particularly solar energy - recently announced they will be holding a seminar for the purpose of educating homeowners as to how they can reduce their consumption of electricity in their homes, thereby saving substantial amounts of money. By making a few modifications in their daily habits plus the use of solar technologies, some of which are quite simple to implement, not only will individual homeowners save significant amounts of money, but also the nation as a whole will begin to move toward independence from carbon fuels.

According to ZeroGen's public relations liaison, James Stewart, "Everyone enjoys saving money and wants to do what's right by the planet, but because renewable technologies are so new, not everyone has a good sense of which ones are a wise investment. Not knowing, and a lack of abundant and reliable information keeps many people from doing anything at all.

It is ZeroGen's goal to open up the doors, so to speak, and to make useful, pertinent and authoritative information available to those who want it. Just voice the magic words: "How to Save Electricity with ZeroGen," and ZeroGen will share which of the newer technological options available on the market will truly save homeowners money, and teach the five daily habits, that if changed, will save the average person as much as 20% on their monthly power bill. They will also demonstrate simple home modifications to radically cut power usage without any change in quality of life."

Solar Power is by far the most developed and used alternative source of clean energy in Australia to date. Older solar power panels were a necessary part of the learning curve, but were inefficient, particularly when compared with today's modern panels. Solar technologies are continuing to improve in efficiency and conversion rate and are becoming more affordable all the time. Industry experts predict a coming fall in installation costs, as well. It is expected that within a decade, solar power will be an altogether viable alternative to fossil fuels, well able to provide Australians with the clean electric power they need.

About ZeroGen:
ZeroGen is a green solar energy project that aims to educate Australians about renewable energy generation, and to promote the goal of a zero carbon based energy source system. ZeroGen's website is an up-to-date source of energy industry news as well as information on renewable energy technologies.

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