Zenesse Health Introduces the LuxeLift Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow

Zenesse Health is pleased to introduce the LuxeLift Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow, a wedge pillow that is the ideal solution to aid in a successful recovery following shoulder surgery

Portland, United States – Zenesse Health is pleased to introduce the LuxeLift Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow, a wedge pillow that is the ideal solution to aid in a successful recovery following shoulder surgery. The pillow is designed to help individuals who have undergone shoulder surgery sleep in an inclined position, keeping pressure off the post-surgery shoulder and encouraging healing. The LuxeLift Therapy Wedge Pillow allows post-operative patients to sleep in their own bed, with a comfortable, elevating pillow designed specifically for shoulder surgery rehabilitation.

In the United States, 4.5 million people suffer from painful shoulder conditions including bursitis, arthritis, rotator cuff, scapula or clavicle injuries, and shoulder surgery. Often surgery is the only viable solution, providing long lasting relief for shoulder pain sufferers. Following shoulder surgery, everyday life is impacted from work to leisure activities and even sleep. With post shoulder surgery, patients must find a comfortable sleep position which supports and immobilizes the shoulder, while allowing them to get much needed rest for a faster recovery. The LuxeLift Support Therapy Pillow provides a 12 inch height ideal immediately following surgery, with a unique feature which allows for incline to be reduced to eight inches as the shoulder heals.

Zenesse Health’s LuxeLift Support Therapy Wedge Pillow is designed of premium foam, offering needed support to the torso, and eggcrate gel infused memory foam, providing the body the comfort needed after surgery. The pillow features a 100 percent bamboo cover which helps users stay cool and dry all night long as it wicks away moisture. The cover offers superior comfort with its silky softness, which is naturally 100 percent hypoallergenic and features a side pocket to hold a tablet, cellphone, or television remote. In addition, the cover is machine washable, and is designed for easy removal with a two sided zipper.

“The LuxeLift Support Therapy Pillow offers a patented design allowing for superior air flow around the body and preventing the generation of heat often associated with memory foam. The LuxeLift enables the user to sleep on a 12” wedge or an 8” wedge and thus removes the uncertainty of which to purchase. This pillow is also perfect for shoulder injury or surgery recovery because the incline can be reduced as the healing process progresses. The LuxeLift Support Therapy Pillow is a multi-purpose pillow which can also be used as a bed sitting pillow or a leg elevation pillow!” – Andrew, Sarah, and Christian Toft, Founders, Zenesse Health

About Zenesse Health
Zenesse Health was born out of personal experience and need. . Co-founded by three siblings - Andrew, Sarah & Christian Toft - our families were living with various diagnoses including Autism, ADHD, Epilepsy, Hypermobility, and Insomnia. Knowing personally the side effects brought on by medical interventions, procedures, and drugs, Zenesse Health was founded with the goal of improving these conditions. Eager to adopt a more holistic approach and promote overall well-being not only for their own families, but for others with similar conditions, much research began the development of these superior therapeutic products which support the needs of people with physical and mental health challenges. Zenesse Health was founded in 2017 with the desire not only to support and improve lives but enable people everywhere to “Live Great.” Zenesse Health is a real family business with true altruistic aspirations.

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