Zen Titan 2.0 – A New Method To Promote Affiliate Marketing Campaign And Get Free Traffic

You might have been using YouTube or Amazon and try to obtain free traffic and commission. Thus, launching a marketing campaign is an important task for each online entrepreneur. This is why Zen Titan 2.0 has been created to help you enhance your affiliate marketing.

Zen Titan 2.0 is helpful software consisting of helpful tools such as Zen Niches, Zen Affiliate, Zen Spinner, Zen Keyword and Zen Video. All of these tools allow marketers to simplify their process of content creation, so they are able to improve their online business and maximize productivity.

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When using this Zen Titan 2.0 software, marketers can gain more benefits to outperform the competition. Here are some of the outstanding features that help them to work it out:

• Zen Niches - it includes 190 of the top Amazon niches pre-loaded.
• Zen Affiliate – quickly research affiliate for any niche keyword then add it to personal database.
• Zen Spinner - which turns product research into a spun mini-article to export as an article or voice over script.
• Zen Video that creates proven, beneficial, affiliate review videos for any niche, market or keyword in a few minute.
• Zen Keyword – that helps marketers discover the best Google and YouTube keywords for eCom niches and targeted free traffic. It also includes over 20,000 customer keywords for the top 100 Amazon niches.
• 3 complete systems on maximizing income with Amazon, JVZoo & ClickBank, affiliate marketing, etc.
• A quick start guide that demonstrates users how to utilize Zen Titan 2.0 system easily.
• Plus secret hidden videos where the producer shows their secret tips and tricks.

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With Zen Titan 2.0 software, users can learn how to utilize it to create eye-catching affiliate videos and achieve desired traffic from YouTube and Google. Because it is a newbie-friendly product, most of the people can catch up with by following just five steps:

First of all, marketers can use Zen Niches to find Amazon, ClickBank and JVZoo niches generating income every day. So it makes sure that free traffic will turn into income. Then, marketers can promote no matter what affiliate programs they want and create an affiliate review instantly. It will not take so long with spinner software. By loading the software, drag and drop some products into the builder, the software will spin this into a complete review; hence, they can export the campaign zip consisting of spun article and video file.

Next, users need to utilize Zen Video software to create a new video. There are so many animation videos which are available for users to create affiliate review videos by themselves. After that, they definitely can host their video online. Moreover, articles and videos created with Zen Affiliate tool will be imported in a click of a mouse. Then, they can get free traffic from Google and gain income passively. Finally, users must use Zen Keyword to choose their niche keyword which gets them free traffic.

All in all, Zen Titan 2.0 is a powerful tool-suit for those wanting to scale their online business.

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