Zcode Doge Launches New NFT Project

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Brand new opportunities await with the launch of Zcode Doge’s new NFT project. Get whitelisted today for priority access to the VIP presale!

Are you sick and tired of falling victim to the many NFT scams on the internet right now?

Too many companies are taking advantage of the NFT trend, offering new and exciting opportunities that aren’t based on anything at all. Unfortunately, many of you have bought into the hype before, investing a lot of money on projects that will seemingly present high yields, only to fail quickly after the launch. You’re left with worthless tokens while the project producers run away with all your money.

It’s time for you to get involved with a real NFT project that will take over the metaverse!

Zcode Doge Presale Launches 9 March 2022 at 7 AM EST
Zcode Doge is proud to announce its brand new NFT project that’s fuelled by a growing and active community. Every single NFT is unique and custom-made, consisting of a randomly-generated 3D NFT Social Avatar. There are over 150 possible traits that are randomly selected when each NFT is created, including expression, headwear, clothing, etc. All of the doges are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, hosted on IPFS.

When you buy in, you will get your randomly generated NFT, which could end up being the rarest of them all! It’s super easy to trade your NFTs, allowing you to amass a collection of the top doges around.

Our presale launch kicks off on March 9 2022 at 7 am EST, so make sure you’re ready for it! Sign up now to get whitelisted for priority access to the VIP presale, and you will even get your own affiliate link to send to your friends, giving you more benefits.

Why Zcode Doge?
Zcode Doge is an NFT that’s based on REAL UTILITY. Unlike the majority of NFT launches, we have an existing product that this is based on. Our Zcode Sports Prediction System has been up and running since 1999, so you know there is real utility behind this.

We’re also 100% verified by 3rd-parties, ensuring that our NFT smart contract is legit and secure. Again, it’s another thing that puts us ahead of other NFT launches, making you feel more confident that your investment is going to the right place.

Plus, Zcode NFT is fully audited by many industry-leading crypto experts and auditors, and there is a real community behind it. You can join the VIP community as soon as you are whitelisted, seeing the tens of thousands of individuals that have already registered their interest.

Get Whitelisted for Priority Access to VIP Presale Today!

Find out more here: https://zcode.ai/zdoge4511784

Why wait any longer? Get whitelisted today and you can unlock the early bird price for Zcode Doge NFT! The earlier you buy, the less you pay - prices will increase by 2x when 50% of NFTs are sold, then another 2x when 75% are sold. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to get your hands on the next big NFT that will transform the metaverse forever!

Contact Info:
Name: Olia Baytr
Email: Send Email
Organization: Zima Media
Website: https://zimamedia.com/

Release ID: 89064639

Name: Olia Baytr
Email: Send Email
Organization: Zima Media