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What's concealed in New York City walls? Top 8 hiding places for asbestos in homes. ZAP Asbestos removal company reveals where asbestos can be hidden in NYC homes and the dangers of leaving it unchecked.

When it comes to asbestos in buildings and homes what is unknown can be dangerous to the health of many. First some facts about asbestos.

Asbestos is a fibrous material that has of 6 naturally occurring minerals. These minerals have long thin fibrous crystals, and each of these fibers is made of millions of tiny fibers that if disturbed will be released into the air.

Commonly used up until the early 1980's it was thought to be the next best thing since sliced bread. Asbestos insulation provided sound absorption, tensile strength and was flame retardant. It was also reasonably priced. Given all these wonderful facts it was freely used in electrical and building insulation for homes and commercial businesses in the New York City area.

It was not until the discovery of people working and living in asbestos-mining communities having developed uncommonly high numbers of lung illness and premature death that there was concern about these products.

Studies led to the conclusion that asbestos was indeed a toxic material and in 1902 was put on the list of harmful industrial substances. Asbestos was not banned until the 1980's.

Some common types of asbestos-related illnesses are: mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural thickening, asbestos warts-which is when the sharp fibers get into the skin like a sliver, then the skin grows over it. Asbestos also affected animals in these communities where asbestos is found causing tumours and other unnatural growths and illnesses.

Top 8 areas asbestos can be found in homes:

1. Insulation in attics, boilers, tanks, pipes
2. Linoleum flooring has a paper backing containing high amounts of asbestos
3. Drywall compound or drywall mud for taping drywall or smoothing over screws and nails
4. Vermiculite insulation for walls and attics
5. Asbestos cement board or tiles, corrugated sheets. Found behind fireplaces, or electrical panels. Outdoors it would be used for roofs and walls.
6. Popcorn ceilings and textured walls
7. Crayons are manufactured with a talc that is contaminated with asbestos. It was confirmed in 2000 that out of 8 brands of crayons 3 brands contained asbestos. Be sure to throw away all old crayons.
8. Asbestos siding which is made of cement and asbestos fibers

Before getting worried about having asbestos hidden somewhere there are a few things to consider.

If the area of concern is not broken, cracked or disturbed in any way then it is likely not a problem. It is when the asbestos in various forms becomes damaged that the fibers are released into the air causing health issues.

There are numerous ways to deal with asbestos. If it is in good condition it can be covered up such as putting drywall over a asbestos popcorn ceiling. If there is vinyl flooring that contains asbestos it can safely be covered with another material as long as all of the seams are sealed.

On the other hand if there is damaged or cracked materials it defiantly can be a health hazard. The best way to deal with this sticky situation is to hire a certified asbestos removal company in NYC trained to handle toxic materials and remove them safely from any occupied building.

Knowing the health hazards involved with asbestos it is not worth the risk of exposing family members or anyone else to these dangers. Having asbestos removed properly reduces worry and stress knowing it has been removed and disposed of correctly.

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