Zack & Ali Products Help Make Family Road Trips Fun

Zack & Ali’s pillows and pillowcases can help to keep kids comfortable in the backseat of a car, whether the journey is for an hour or several days.

Road trip season has begun and Zack & Ali products are perfectly suited to keeping kids comfy and content during long journeys across cities, states or even across the country.

Now that summer breaks are getting underway, many families are using this opportunity for some quality time together. With the challenges and cost associated with flying as a family, many parents are choosing to keep their wheels on the ground as they head off on an adventure throughout the hottest months of the year.

That said, as much as it’s natural to imagine travel with kids as a time to sing songs in the breaks between the moments when they quietly entertain themselves with various activities in the backseat, the reality can be very different. For that reason, travel experts recommend bringing certain items along to boost comfort, reduce boredom and ease the inclination to cry, or bicker with each other.

Those expert packing lists nearly always include a child’s favorite comfort toy or lovey, baby wipes and paper towels, a garbage bag, snacks, CDs, DVDs and the child’s pillow and pillowcase (as well as a spare pillowcase in case of spills).

The reason the pillow and pillowcase are important is that kids like their own things. They find comfort from their bedding, especially when they need to stay still for a long time or when they will be expected to sleep in a strange place such as a car, a hotel or grandma’s house. The presence of the pillow can be calming, it can make the child more comfortable throughout the trip and may even encourage him or her to nod off more easily.

Zack & Ali toddler pillows are not only fast favorites for young kids, but they’re also the perfect size for travel. The snuggly soft pillowcases have envelope enclosures, so the toddler-size pillow will remain inside its case throughout the trip. Moreover, both the pillows and the pillowcases can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer, so any spills or dirt from being dropped on the ground can be easily cleaned away.

Parents across the country are preparing for their road trips by introducing Zack & Ali toddler pillows and pillowcases ahead of the vacation so their children will be used to them by the time they hit the road.

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