Zack & Ali Products Can Help Kids Sleep Through Hot Summer Nights

Zack & Ali’s premium GOTS certified organic cotton pillows and pillowcases are designed to ensure a comfortable and sound sleep at all times of the year, including the hottest summer nights.

Zack & Ali is showing parents the difference their high quality GOTS certified organic cotton pillows and pillowcases make when it comes to bedtime throughout summer months.

The brand is an expert in premium children’s bedding and sells toddler pillows with an organic cotton outer fabric, as well as a line of six organic cotton pillowcases in various fun prints. That said, these products are also designed to be perfect for small sized sleepers no matter the time of year.

During the summer when it’s hot at night, it can be very difficult for kids to get to sleep. Even when the air conditioner is running, the warm temperatures, high humidity and increased pollen levels can make it harder for kids to be restful. For that reason, many parents find that they must be extra vigilant when it comes to keeping a proper bedtime routine.

An important part of the bedtime routine is the environment in which it takes place. Dimmed lighting and soft cool bedding are crucial to helping a kid to snuggle into bed and feel ready to sleep.

In the summer, 100% organic cotton can be the ideal choice for kids bedding. The reason is that on warm days, cotton feels cool to the touch. This, despite the fact that it also helps to keep children warm throughout the winter. That said, it is also a breathable fabric, which helps with moisture transfer, drawing sweat away from the skin. Equally, as a hypoallergenic fabric, it helps to reduce the risk of skin irritation among kids with sensitive skin or whose skin has become sensitized due to the pollen in the summer air.

At the same time, Zack & Ali pointed out that the performance of a toddler pillow and pillowcase isn’t exclusive to bedtime and overnight. These items must also be easy to keep clean, particularly at times when they are more likely to become soiled such as on hot nights when kids will sweat more.

Fortunately, both the pillowcases and the pillows can be tossed into the washing machine and the dryer. The pillowcases only become softer with each wash. The hand-crafted, American-made pillows are completely rejuvenated by the washer and dryer, coming out fluffed up like new.

When combined with cotton sheets, light pajamas, proper hydration and a calm winding-down routine, Zack & Ali products can help to ensure a more restful night, even when it’s hot in the summer.

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