Yurz, Inc.'s Invaluable Branding Tips Help Business Succeed

CEO explains how companies can benefit from digital advertising when establishing their brand.

When a business begins to advertise their services, it is important that they consider their brand. All businesses strive to portray a certain image to the outside world. A great way to ensure a business consistently represents its brand in all aspects, is to reflect it through their presence online. Digital advertising agency, Yurz, Inc., offers efficient ways for businesses to establish their brand digitally.

“When a company’s brand isn’t consistent on all its digital mediums, they may come off as unprofessional,” explained CEO of Yurz, Inc., Jeff Essebag. “The stronger the message of the brand is, the more people will recognize the company; which is the ultimate goal,” finished Essebag.

The first step in establishing a brand, is by creating a place that all the company’s basic information lives. This “home base” is typically a business’s main website, because it’s easy to put all the company information here. Any other digital medium created, whether it’s a Facebook Page, a blog, a YouTube channel, or even an Instagram; they should all have a way for the customer to link back to the company’s main website. All of these digital mediums should have consistency in their company descriptions, and information.

“Creating a call to action is a great technique to get customers directed back to a company’s main website,” exclaimed Essebag. A call to action can consist of inviting customers to join a contest, or even as simple as allowing them to sign-up for an e-mail list. Essebag continued, “Once the customers engage, it allows the business to begin a conversation with that consumer, hopefully resulting in a new lead.”
Yurz, Inc. offers state of the art digital marketing solutions to big and small business alike, and have been featured in the Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 for four years running. The agency continues to dominate the digital media space as it is expanding nationwide. For any comments, questions or concerns, please contact a representative at (800) 699-8243 or visit http://www.yurz.com/ for more information.
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