Yunnan Baiyao Store Maintains Deep Inventories of Sought-After Herbal Medicine

With vets increasingly recommending Yunnan Baiyao to improve quality of life for dogs suffering from bleeding tumors and other issues, company ships worldwide for free, Yunnan Baiyao Store reports

Losing a beloved dog to cancer or another disease can be heartbreaking, so pet owners often seek to do everything possible to help. For 100 years, Yunnan Baiyao has been used to stop hemorrhaging and address other health problems, helping dogs, horses, and other pets live longer, happier lives. With a full range of products in stock and available now at, Yunnan Baiyao Store is the top source for this potent but hard-to-find herbal medicine. Offering free shipping worldwide on every order, Yunnan Baiyao Store has, for a limited time, also discounted a number of the company's most popular products.

"Yunnan Baiyao is one of the undeniable success stories of traditional Chinese medicine, having for more than century helped countless people, pets, and livestock combat serious health issues," said Yunnan Baiyao Store representative Ho Lam, "Unfortunately, it can be more difficult to find this sought-after medicine than most would like, and that can cause unnecessary pain and suffering. We're proud to offer reliable access to a full range of Yunnan Baiyao products to customers worldwide. From veterinarians, zoos, and farms to individual pet owners, all our clients receive free shipping and impeccable customer service. With several popular products now discounted to record-low prices, there has never been a better time to buy, either."

With its name translating into English as "white medicine from Yunnan," Yunnan Baiyao was developed in that province at the beginning of the twentieth century by a Chinese doctor. Westerners first became widely aware of the 100-percent herbal medicine during the Vietnam War, when it was issued to every Vietcong soldier for use in stopping bleeding.

Since then, Yunnan Baiyao has been investigated in scientific contexts a number of times, as with a 2012 study by Columbia University's Dr. E.J. Lad that concluded it "may be an efficacious agent for uncontrolled bleeding" when used alongside other hemostatic agents. It has also become commonly recommended by veterinarians around the world to fight the symptoms of hemangiosarcoma in dogs and for a variety of other purposes.

Even so, regulatory requirements and other issues mean that Yunnan Baiyao can be difficult to acquire in some countries. Online at with a focused mission of providing access to buyers worldwide, Yunnan Baiyao Store is the single most reliable, affordable, and convenient way to acquire this sought-after form of medicine.

With low prices, free shipping worldwide on every order, and reliable, regularly replenished inventories, Yunnan Baiyao Store stocks a full range of Yunnan Baiyao products at From capsules, powders, and sprays to bandages, tinctures, patches, and toothpastes, Yunnan Baiyao Store is ready to provide buyers everywhere with what they and their pets need.

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With free shipping worldwide on every order and a huge range of products, Yunnan Baiyao Store makes it easy and convenient for buyers everywhere to make use of one of the most highly regarded traditional Chinese medicines.

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