Yufu IT Company Has Launched an Interpreters Booking System Which Will Change the Face of Interpreting Industry

Yufu.net Limited, a European China based company specializing in software development for the translation market, has released an interpreters booking system which will change the face of the interpreting industry in China.

Michael Zotov the owner and CEO of Yufu.net Limited, says that the main idea of the Yufu project was to combine the knowledge of China’s best interpreting specialists with the latest technological achievements. Our goal is not only to help people get quality interpreting services in any corner of China, but to do it in the most convenient manner. In practice the Yufu platform works like most of other booking platforms. ”

“Every day China hosts numbers of foreign visitors from all around the world, but the main language of communication between foreigners and locals is still Chinese. If you want to make things in China, you should either learn the language or find a good interpreter. Being a foreign businessman in China, I experienced this first- hand. Lately, the language industry in China is experiencing a boom, but the majority of local companies are small scale, providing services in only one city, concentrated on one or only a few languages, and mostly working offline. As such, if you need interpreter in different cities, each time you have to look for a new translation company, which takes a lot of time and effort. Those factors inspired us to start working on our interpreters booking system development,” he says.

Yufu.net is not a traditional freelance platform, where customers can never be sure of the freelancers real qualifications or reliability, it is professional platform, where interpreters have proved their qualification by providing relevant education certificates, work experience information, and have passed an online interview. All incoming orders are under back office control, while smart technology helps to confirm reservations within the shortest period of time.

Currently the platform is focused on providing interpreting services within China, uniting over 20000 thoroughly vetted language experts, supporting services in over 100 cities across China, and working with 18 foreign languages.

“The most popular languages among Chinese interpreters are English and Japanese, and there is a significant shortage of professionals working with the other worlds popular languages such as Spanish, German, Arabic, or Russian, especially outside China first tier cities. There are numbers of interpreters registering on the Yufu platform every day, but in order to maintain quality, we cannot approve all of them. It was a great challenge to ensure a sufficient amount of available guides and interpreters in every city in China and we are still actively working on it,” says Libby Wang the head of the interpreters approval department.

About Yufu.net Limited
The company specializes in high technology integration in the language service industry. The owner of the company is Michael Zotov, the former CEO of Telecom Baltia. To learn more, visit www.yufu.net.

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