YouTuber and Plus-Size Model Stella Williams Hits It Big With #MyBikiniBody

Breaking out the new generation of bikini bodies

Body-positivity hitting home in L.A.

The body-positivity movement has been gaining momentum and empowering men, women, and non-binary to take a stand against outdated norms. Regardless of their weight,

size, or body types, society's now challenging the beauty industry in how it markets and views bodies outside the long-standing standards in an industry that's constantly evolving. Body positivity pushes forward acceptance of all bodies regardless of ability, size, type, gender, sexual orientation, race, or appearance.

From fat-girl meme to model

Stella Williams has been a fixture across all social media platforms for half a decade and has more recently collaborated with fellow YouTube star Trisha Paytas, who is equally compelling as a trainwreck-turned-mogul and is also one to watch.

In her five years on the Internet's most popular platforms, Williams has grown a following of over 1 million followers and fans across social media. Her popularity was propelled by her becoming the fast-fashion house, Fashion Nova's first size 24 model in 2021.

Stella is penetrating the Internet with everything from fashion, health, and beauty to her very own sex series geared at those lacking confidence in the bedroom on her YouTube channel, @thestellawilliams.

It seems nearly impossible to get your eyes unglued from Stella’s size 24 body. With almost half a million TikTok views calling her out for her extra-large plus size frame. She’s been fat-shamed, called a “whale in a bikini,” and everything in between. But now she has the last laugh to the bank after landing herself on the popular daytime talk show The Real and landing several new and prominent modeling endorsements.

The revolutionary new movement

As a result of the backlash from posting photos online of herself in a bikini, Stella now spearheads the #MyBikiniBody (Instagram: @ourbikinibody) movement that's catching fire across the Internet. She's destigmatizing the standard mainstream definition of a bikini body and is offering the redefinition.

With the movement's first all-inclusive bikini shoot attracting members of the plus-size community and beyond, Stella hopes the next one will see even more inclusivity representing all genders and skin tones.

Rubin Daniel Mills captured the groundbreaking images. Featured in the shoot were models: Tiffany Averitt of Fluffy Fly and Fabulous, Sapphyre Blu, Kristen Love, Sienna Linda, Erin Elizabeth Sebestyen, Lydia, Kate Wolfe, and JeaDa Lay.

Supporting the #MyBikiniBody campaign was fellow TikToker Christen Dugger, Plus Size Model Aliss Bonython, Plus Model Magazine, and activist Little Miss Flint.


by Alexa Costa

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