Yourk Heating and Air-Conditioning Launches Efforts To Decrease Climate Control Costs

Yourk Heating and Air-Conditioning looks to decrease climate control costs with maintenance, discounts and waived service fees.

Current research regarding energy consumption in the United States indicates the heating and air conditioning system is responsible for approximately $1,500 of the average family's annual electrical expenses. The majority of families typically spend at least $300 each year on repairs for their central heating and cooling system; furthermore, without such routine maintenance, most HVAC systems lose an average of 5 percent of their efficiency each year, driving up the cost of operation on an annual basis. In light of these figures, Yourk Heating and Air-Conditioning has launched efforts to help reduce these expenses for families in Modesto and the surrounding areas.

Nirona of Yourk Heating and Air-Conditioning explained, "We are well aware of the strain maintaining the comfort of their homes places on most families, so for most repair and installation calls, we will waive our service fees. Systems more than 10 years old generally need to be replaced due to the number of problems they present and their lack of efficiency. Though this can be a costly investment, many of our clients may qualify for our $1,500 reimbursement program on complete system replacements. We realize the majority of senior citizens are forced to survive on a fixed income; therefore, we also offer senior discounts on our services."

The HVAC experts at Yourk Heating and Air-Conditioning noted one of the leading causes of efficiency loss for climate control systems is unkempt filters and blockages within the duct work leading to and from the exterior units. Reusable filters should be cleaned at least once every 2 months, and disposable filters should be changed within the same time frame. This not only allows for unobstructed airflow, but improves indoor air quality as well. Though this type of routine maintenance can be performed by the homeowner, duct cleaning requires specific equipment and should only be carried out by qualified professionals on a regular basis.

The exterior heating and air conditioning unit and its various components are particularly vulnerable to wear due to their extensive exposure to the elements. According to Nirona, the fan, motor, coils and evaporator and condenser fins are all prone to buildup. Dirt, leaves, grass clippings and other debris tend to settle among these parts, reducing airflow and potentially leading to extensive damage. Inspection and cleaning of these components is recommended at least once, preferably twice, each year. Having the individual parts of the exterior unit examined and cleaned, as well as ensuring heat and air repair is performed as necessary will increase the effectiveness, efficiency and lifespan of the entire system.

Concluded Nirona, "We are fully qualified to perform any inspection, repair, replacement and installation services on all major brands of heating and air conditioning systems. The HVAC is the most important electrical system in the home because it keeps the residents comfortable throughout the year. They are also the most vulnerable to malfunctions because they are constantly in use. It is our goal to help families in our area maintain their home comfort levels at the lowest possible cost."

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