“Your Secret Power” Reveals the Journey to Greatness, Wealth and Success Through Transmutation of Sexual Energy

The secret to self-transformation lies within.

This might come as obvious to many, but what the secret comprises of will be surprising to everyone. It is one’s own, natural and instinctive sexual energy that is actually a secret power! This entire journey of unlocking one’s genius through sexual transmutation is explained in “Your Secret Power: Sexual Transmutation, The Ultimate Energy” written by Mark E Wilkins, Ph.D.

The brute strength of the sexual desire can be judged from the fact that a man will forsake everyone and run the risk of losing reputation to just be with a woman. Now such a strong force can be harnessed to accomplish big deeds, says Mark Wilkins.
A sexual transmutation of energy is possible, and is actually the secret of success behind many famous historical figures, including George Washington, Beethoven, Leonardo Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Mahatma Gandhi, JF Kennedy and more recently, Steve Jobs and Bill Clinton.

The most powerful of all human desires, the drive to sex can become the basis for developing strong imagination, courage, will power, creativity and persistence not known before. These are the skills needed to accomplish major goals in literature, art, sports, and in other fields of life to accumulate health, wealth and power.

“Any man can direct his great reservoir of sexual energy into helping his prosperity drive. If you understand how women help men become successful, you too, can take full advantage of this ageless secret,” says Mark E Wilkins.
A force so strong will require extreme willpower for restraint, but the reward can be rich, including:

- High mental focus and mental clarity
- Increased creativity, whether music, art or design
- Incredible drive and motivation
- A super boost of physical energy
- Heightened level of self-esteem and confidence

Also to be reaped are benefits like improved happiness and mood, absolute ability to manifest desired changes and boosting of self-awareness. Intense spiritual awareness and experiences will be of interest to those religiously inclined.

“The man who does not recognize this important truth deprives himself of the power which has done more to help men achieve success than all other forces combined,” says Mark Wilkins.

To bring the genius out of hiding, sexual energy transmutation techniques are the way to go, as explained in “Your Secret Power”.

Mark E Wilkins has a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis. He has been in private practice and conducts group seminars for goal and motivational achievement, law of attraction, and pain free child birth. He has been certified as a Painless Natural Childbirth Specialist, a Certified Pediatric Hypnotist, and an Emergency (First Responder) Hypnosis Instructor. With hundreds of clients taught and seminars conducted, he has been able to put together a series of very successful programs to provide the wonderful benefits utilizing Hypnosis, EFT, and NLP.
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