Your Reading Corner Unveils New Website To Help Parents And Kids Enjoy Reading

Your Reading Corner announced that they have unveiled their new website, which is designed to help parents create dedicated reading corners for children.

Your Reading Corner announced that they have launched their new website in an attempt to help parents create dedicated reading corners for children. As the world becomes more digital, kids spend more time in front of screens, but a new study has highlighted how kids who read for leisure will benefit academically and score higher on their tests. Your Reading Corner said that their new site focuses on teaching parents exactly how to create a nurturing and relaxing reading space so that children can learn to enjoy reading from a young age, and they feel that creating the perfect reading space is quick and easy due to the company's intuitive website.

New research from the Institute of Education at the University of London has revealed that kids between the ages of 10 and 16, who were in the habit of reading for pleasure, made better progress in spelling, vocabulary and math tests, when compared to those who did not read regularly. Ultimately the research reflected that kids who read often at the age of 10 and at least once a week when they were 16 were likely to get higher scores in tests in all three categories.

Significantly, the research revealed that the habit of reading for leisure was even more important than the children's parents' education levels. Your Reading Corner makes it easy for parents to create a reading nook and teach children the value of reading from a young age. The online store features a range of kids' furniture, reading benches and book displays, to keep the area comfortable and tidy. Your Reading Corner also stocks a selection of educational puzzles to keep children stimulated while they play and learn.

The Alone Zone has been created for children who can read independently and who would like some personal space. The Alone Zone gives children voluntary time out and space to relax and use their imagination and literally shuts them out from the world for a while.

The Five Section Reading Nook has been designed for a family with kids, or for parents to sit down with their children and enjoy story telling. The nook features the comfort of bench seating combined with storage space so that the area stays tidy while still having a communal feel to the space.

The Single Reading Nook is suitable for a single child and can be placed in a child's bedroom or as a private space in a busier area like the lounge. It is a neat and private space where any child can go to for some peace and quiet.

Your Reading Corner also believes that good lighting for reading is very important, especially when setting up a reading corner and advises all parents to ensure that the area is bright enough. Children need to be able to see the words clearly, without straining their eyes or neck muscles. They also want to be comfortable and enjoy the experience, and making it as comfortable and ergonomically appropriate as possible is essential.

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