Your Instant Video Empire – An Automated System Builds Dozens Of Review Videos For Your Products

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Product review is one of the most convincing parts that help retailer build visitors’ trust and convert them into customers. The more reviews their product has, the more opportunities it gets to be noticed.

Buying something without knowing anything about it is not a right choice of smart purchasers. People only feel confident with their decision once they clearly understand a product, usually through its review video. So that, to drive prospects to the product, creating review videos to build their trust is necessary for retailers. However, building many product review videos is such a time-consuming task that retailers need to put great effort on it. This is why Your Instant Video Empire has been designed.

Your Instant Video Empire (YIVE) is a brand new system which automatically creates dozens of review videos per day for Amazon retailers’ products. With a lot of incredible features included, this cloud-based platform allows its users to drive traffic via their own Youtube channel.

See the demo of Your Instant Video Empire here.

By using Your Instant Video Empire, users can have their product review videos uploaded every day on autopilot. Also, YIVE will automatically add to the description of users’ video their Amazon affiliate link.

Your Instant Video Empire is a proven system that entirely hosted in the cloud. So that, users can use it to attract prospects to their Amazon product link easily without having to install anything.

Firstly, YIVE allows its’ users to choose their product keyword or ASIN. Then it will promptly find eligible product and create a review video for this product automatically. Finally, this cloud-based app will upload users’ product review video and add an affiliate link to it total on autopilot.

People can find more special features of Your Instant Video Empire here

YIVE system will be suitable for Amazon Retailers to increase their traffic through review videos from their own Youtube channel.

Using Your Instant Video Empire, people can have many review videos done in 2 minutes with no effort. Once having more product review videos, users will get more chances to convince prospects that they are making the smart decision.

Your Instant Video Empire’s developers designed it to help their customers easily drive visitors to their product without having to create a website. Also, they don’t need to build a lot of marketing campaigns which cost them a lot of money. All Amazon Retailers can use Your Instant Video Empire system to improve their business no matter whether they are US-sellers or not.

The only shortcoming of this product is that if users want to have Your Instant Video Empire build their product review video, this product must have reviews with 4 and 5-star and at least 150 words.

“Getting product review videos made has always been a hassle and takes forever, but they are gold for getting converting customers. I can't believe how simple this is and the traffic they drive! Every product we have is getting a video.” – said YIVE’s user.

For more information, readers could see Your Instant Video Empire detail review here.

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Name: Gerald I. Smedley
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Address: 1176 Lowndes Hill Park Road