Your Home Your Ideas Publishes New Editorial On Cast Iron Patio Furniture For Summer Living has created a new feature exploring the use of cast iron patio furniture in creating a welcoming, robust and permanent outdoor dining and social space.

Summer is almost here, and many people are looking to their gardens for the first time since winter, as the sun entices people to spend more and more time outdoors. The garden often offers people a great social space, and many wish to dine outdoors whether partying or as a family. To do so requires the proper furniture, and the common wicker and plastic often degrades and soon needs replacing. Your Home Your Ideas is a blog committed to lasting home renovation, and has only one recommendation this summer: cast iron patio furniture.

The new editorial explores the history and context of cast iron furniture. While it may seem an unusual material to use, it is all but impervious to the elements and will stay in place no matter how much wind there is. Surprisingly comfortable and supportive, it provides a wonderfully stable center to any social dining occasion.

In addition to describing the merits of cast iron furniture the article also provides visual stimulus of just how varied it can be, from neo-classical designs to cutting edge minimalism, ensuring there is something to suit every taste.

A spokesperson for Your Home Your Ideas explained, “Your Home Your Ideas is a website committed to helping people get the best from their homes by making the right choices about what to fill them with. The garden is an essential community space, and high quality cast iron furniture adds a sense of weight, confidence and quality that will impress the neighbors and encourage guests to spend more time in your outdoor spaces. They are also surprisingly affordable, and make an excellent talking point as barbeque season begins – perfect to hold any hot trays or plates.”

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