Your English School tm Launches Free Online English Course

Free for all users worldwide, enabling students to learn and master the English language to a college entrance level.

Your English School tm (, announced today that it is launching an extensive collection of free online English lessons. Open to all users worldwide, the school enables students to learn and master English to the college entrance level. Starting at the most basic level, the free curriculum lets the student pace themselves as they take progressively more advanced lessons in the language.

“Effective communication skills open doors,” said Max Moore, the school’s founder. “We all know that English is the most popular and arguably the most important language in the world today. People from all cultural backgrounds study the language so they can connect with English-speakers and enhance their educational and professional opportunities.”

The course available on the site starts with lessons on the English alphabet, word development and grammar. Students will also take lessons on remedial reading. The school comprises three levels: primary, immediate, and master. “If you follow the lessons, you will be on a path to becoming a master communicator in English,” Moore added.

Moore taught English in mainland China in the 1980s. After that, he taught in Eastern Europe after the ‘Wall’ fell, followed by a 10-year stint on the Mexican border with Texas. This experience led Moore to put the school online. is the result of extensive testing and experimentation regarding the best ways to get a student to learn English. Emphasis is placed on continued growth and improvement in correct usage—all the way to mastering English at a college level entrance level. “A graduate will be able to think, converse, write, discern and continue to grow in their use of English,” Moore explained.

For more information, visit Your English School tm.

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