You! Medical Centre Starts Scholarship Program For Elmwood High School

Medical Centre is an organization committed to the outlook to the youth of Elmwood Community. The organization has a strong belief that the future of Elmwood is in the hands of youth.

Holding on to their will of fire, the group has decided to take action. Not too long ago, the institute started a scholarship program in unification with Elmwood High school. You! Medical Centre has made a trailblazing partnership with the community as they have made it a mission to the society to give back their services.

You! Medical Centre is open from Monday to Saturday. They are in business every weekday from 8:30 in the morning up to 3:00 in the evening. On Saturday, they offer extended office hours from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

They are open to accepting walk-in service. You! Medical Centre follows the first come, first serve foundation. It offers a quick walk-in reception, time isn't wasted as the helpers have been professionally trained with the necessary experience. Their services have been praised by first-time-walk-ins saying that the experience has been pleasurable.

Setting an appointment can easily be arranged thru their contact numbers. Their assistants are always willing to answer queries and concern within the designated office hours. You! Medical Centre has been offering fast, accurate, and quality service for years. An onsite Laboratory has been prepared to ensure only the best of quality.

Inside the laboratory, the equipment being used are all state of the art. For safe keeping and a fail-safe organization, medical records aren't written in paper. Records are being fully digitalized and locked with maximum security.

Patients are now able to access their paperless result. It has helped patients, especially the older ones to keep their files intact without the risk of losing a single file. The services which have been readily provided by the laboratory are EKG, ECG, and regular laboratory tests.

Most of the needed medication have already been covered by You! Medical Centre. Their pharmacy services have been held in high regard by the locals. It carries superiority in the field of medication. The organization kept the lines of communication between physicians and pharmacist at a commendable level. has released their latest service. Since the demand for their expertise has spread across the city, they are now offering Therapeutic Massage Services. They specialize in relieving an injury while increasing flexibility.
Along with other services such as, enhancing immunity, and increasing blood circulation. It has been a one-stop massage spa for athletes. Their Therapeutic Massage Services offers athletic injury massage that has worked wonders for most athletes.
You! Medical Centre also delivers Pregnancy Massages and Hot Sone. All of these services are only being done by licensed Massage Therapist.

You! Medical Centre is a fast growing company dedicated to serving the community, especially to the youth. It has become an important asset to the local community due to its medical services.

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