YorBack Introduced Back Pain Sufferers To The Lumo Lift For Renewed Comfort

Yorback.com launches a website that serves as a one-stop shop for information and products for back pain patients.

Writing for the online health journal “Spine-Health.com” columnist Stephanie Burke wants everyone to understand the importance of a healthy back. Stephanie Burke reports, “There are many different opinions in the medical community on how to best treat occurrences of back pain. This is primarily due to the fact that every method either in the traditional or alternative medicine does not work for all patients. However most professionals concede that without a healthy functioning back, their patients cannot easily live a normal existence.”

Ms. Burke continues, “Most professionals in the medical community will urge their patients to educate themselves on exactly why their back hurts and learn about the many treatments that are currently available to them. This can also include such long-term procedures as physical therapy and short-term solutions like medical appliances that provide at least temporary relief from pain. As with all treatments, patients are urged to speak with their doctor first before setting their own course of action.”

Meeting the needs of patients who wish to control their back pain and improve their posture are the web pages of www.yorback.com. Sophie Coveny a spokesperson for YorBack explains their goals, “The truth is that most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. While the pain may be minimal and short lived for the fortunate few, there are countless others who must endure pain on a daily basis. No matter how they came to have an unhealthy back, it is imperative that these individuals find a way to live as pain-free as possible. To meet their needs we have established our website as a one-stop shop for anyone suffering from back pain or muscle spasms. Our website features articles about such issues as proper posture and methods of treatment that patients may not be aware of.”

Ms. Coveny elaborates on many of the issues their website explores, “Our website makes a point of discussing problems that plague a majority of people with unhealthy backs. They can learn about proper posture and how to achieve it from experts in the field. Once they look at photographs and see this as an alternative to accepting the inevitability of pain, these patients can start to work on their own. By following the advice given in our articles, back pain suffers can learn to slowly stretch the right way to loosen muscles and regain positive movement.”

“One new product we are proud to feature is called the Lumo Lift.” Sophie states, “We recently introduced the Lumo Back and included many reviews of the product that remark about the benefits it can provide to those who experience muscle spasms and back pain. The Lumo Lift is unique among posture devices because it is so simple in its design plan, but so effective in delivering relief to those who use it. The small unit is attached to clothing with a magnetic clasp. The product works by tracking one’s posture throughout the day. In addition, the Lumo Lift is able to transmit such data as to effectiveness of daily physical movements, the number of steps taken in a day and the calorie output of the wearer. It literally says to the wearer, ‘look here‘ to see how you can transform how you move during the day.”

Sophie Coveny adds, “What makes this device so innovative is how it is able to transmit data to the Lumo Lift app available for Apple smart phones. Those who have reviewed the device have marveled on the integration of mobile technology and mechanics in providing the basis of relief for patients. This is one aspect of the information, education and product reviews we enjoy providing for consumers.”

About YorBack:

YorBack is the online resource for those who suffer from back pain and muscle spasms, but want to transform their body to feature a healthy back. This website offers in depth articles and sources for everyone to learn more about standard and alternative methods of pain abatement. Readers are able to learn the most advantageous methods to obtain better posture and make sure they are not aggravating any condition they currently may have. Exercise programs and new products that can aid in pain release and easier movement are not only showcased, but thoroughly reviewed to provide an additional level of comfort for consumers.

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