Yoga Weight Loss HQ Launches To Promote A Gentler Way To Effectively Lose Weight

Yoga Weight Loss HQ promotes a regimen of gentle exercise together with changes in diet and mindset to produce lasting weight loss and lifestyle changes.

With recent reports claiming the obesity epidemic is worse than first thought, weight loss is at the very forefront of most people’s minds after a holiday season of generous excess. While many people seek instant solutions, the simple truth is that the body must lose weight gradually and people must do much more than crash dieting if they wish to turn their post-weight-loss body into their standard everyday appearance. Yoga Weight Loss HQ has just been launched to shed light on natural ways to promote weight loss using unexpected techniques.

The blog includes a complete guide to the manifesto set out by the editor, Dr Athira Thampy for using yoga and natural foods and supplements to energize the body and revitalize the mind, keeping people’s will power strong so they can complete the gradual but more permanent weight loss program.

The blog itself is updated regularly with a wide variety of posts, including popular topics like the top 16 yoga exercises for weight loss, information on pre-natal yoga for balancing excess weight gain, meditation techniques to use in battling temptation, and more. The blog is written in high quality, original editorial format in easy to read plain English so that everyone can access, understand and use the guidance within.

A spokesperson for Yoga Weight Loss explained, “Many people don’t realize when they decide to lose weight the full magnitude of that task- losing weight quickly is easy, but it comes right back on because people also have to change their minds, their perspectives and their relationships toward things like diet, exercise and eating habits. Yoga is a great work out that helps burn calories but it’s also an exercise in mindfulness and begins the journey toward purity, helping people find a centered self that can take control of the temptations and by doing so, effect permanent positive change.”

About Yoga Weight Loss HQ:
Yoga Weight Loss HQ is a new blog publishing content on using Yoga and natural approaches to create sustainable weight loss and engage in a healthy lifestyle that will yield long term health and vitality. The site’s editor specializes in naturopathy, yoga, and diet and promotes natural means by which to take control of weight, helping many people successfully change their body and mindset resulting in lasting weight loss:

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