Yoga Daddio Updates Yoga Blog For Life With Shocking Article On How Sitting Can Be Harmful

Yoga Daddio a website created by a yoga teacher to explain the benefits of health and lifestyle changes for men, has published a new editorial on the dangers of spending too long sitting down.

Human evolution has been all but eradicated by human invention- we have ceased to change to suit our environment and have instead changed our environment to suit us. This has led us to create rich fatty foods and sedentary jobs in which we sit for much of the day. This sitting can in turn be a killer. Yoga Daddio is a website created by a 20 year practitioner of yoga, who explains some of the biggest dangers of sitting, as well as how to avoid them.

The new editorial, one of a new suite of articles, explains that sitting reduces metabolism, increases rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. The site then describes a yogic way to sit to lessen the impact of long periods of sitting, and life-hack style tips for getting out of the chair more often, including everything from taking phone calls standing up to holding walking business meetings.

The Yoga Blog for Life also has editorials on why men should practice yoga, with a guide to the gear they can wear to practice it effectively and what poses are best for men. There is even a nutrition guide including how to better use turmeric in cooking to reap its many benefits and an ANDI index for a healthy diet.

A spokesperson for Yoga Daddio explained, “The site was created to explain in direct terms many of things that are obfuscated from the more cynical by the use of spiritual rhetoric in yoga. Many people do not believe in energy as it was conceptualized in the medieval east where yoga was devised, but that stops people from getting the many scientifically evidenced benefits of yoga in the modern context. Yoga Daddio is a straight talking and forward thinking guide to getting guys healthier and fitter in their daily lives.”

About Yoga Daddio: Yoga Daddio is a 20 year practitioner and three year instructor of yoga. He teaches at 20th Century Fox Film Studios with Plus One Fitness. He makes his living as a ghost-writer, and has created his own site offer practice advice, guidance and lifestyle tips to help people stay healthier for longer.

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