Yoga Burn System (Her Yoga Secrets) Review Reveals Simple Yoga Tricks For Women To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Yoga Burn System is a newly released Yoga program only for women that shows how to use a specific technique called "Dynamic Sequencing" to burn and melt unwanted body fat, improve health and energy.

Her Yoga Secrets program created by Zoe Bray-Cotton is one of the weight loss advances of this century. Yoga burn is a digital and easily downloadable plan designed for women which incorporates 12 week follow along yoga videos. Yoga burn approaches the basic idea of such yoga poses that help cut down body fat, reduce weight loss, mellow out stress and trim the body in appealing shape.

Yoga Burn is designed emphatically so that women overcome life’s everyday challenges and also stay healthy, active, and fresh. Her Yoga Secrets subsist of 3 phases, each of which lasts for 4 weeks. The approach which makes this product unique is referred to as Dynamic sequencing. A lot of folks follow yoga in their daily routines without any guidance, most of them moan the trend to be in-effective. That is the reason why Dynamic sequence is important.

The author of Yoga Burn – Zoe Bray Cotton- a famous face in the industry of fitness is known for being a certified Yoga instructor, female body transformation specialist, and a personal trainer. Zoe in her program mentioned the common draw backs of any usual yoga training program in studio or any gym.

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The major 3 drawbacks are: 1) in any usual yoga class there are people with different physical capabilities so that increases the chance of injury. 2) There is a misconception that any yoga class will lower the stress level and produce relaxation which is not true. Actually some yoga poses raise the cortisol in your body, which can prove to be uncomfortable. 3) Regular yoga classes do not really consider ones unique physical capabilities and one has to get stuck with same pose without productive results.

To achieve a perfect feminine body shape this yoga program is divided into 3 phases. The phases are designed in such a way that every new phase compliments the first one by increasing the challenging level and the sequence of the poses are so keenly set to provide efficient results. All the phases contain 4 videos, one introductory led by other 3 videos. There is more, 2 additional bonus videos are included for the customers. Following are the description of the phases

Phase 1 Foundational Flow
Initial phase of the program, which contains introduction about the approach and yoga in very accessible way. The First 4 weeks are programmed to prepare ones body to adapt the physical change that will occur in your body through yoga poses. This phase will guide the client how to execute this program in effective way and build a mind and body connection, that’s the yoga should be all about. This phase will develop body potential to progress to the next stage or phase.

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Phase 2 Transitional Flow
Sequel of phase 1 in which a particular, different and unique sequence of yoga poses (that are learned in phase 1) are followed. This step of the program focuses on the muscles of upper limbs, lower limbs and core of the body. Also helps to release stress-Relieving hormone in women. The author has mentioned very effective breathing patterns which will have a lifelong effect and slows down the stress reaction.

Phase 3 Mastery Flow
This phase will ace one with yoga perfection. This step of the plan consists of yoga poses that are learned in phase 1 and phase 2 with surplus intense level, more repetitions, and more muscles involved. As mentioned before the sequence plays a vital role in toning body and weight loss so the sequence will be advance and unique as this is the peak time to shred fat and attain what you have been working hard for .

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Additionally, this course contains Tranquility flow videos which help quell the fluctuations of the mind. It hangs up the mental loops of failure, dissatisfaction, frustration, regret, anger, outrage, fear and desire that can cause mental strain. And since mental strain and stress is implicated in a number of health complications, if people learn to quiet their mind, they will be likely to live longer and healthier.

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