Yoga Burn Review Exposes New 3 Phase Approach To Melt Fat and Slim Down From Home

Yoga Burn, a new fat burning yoga program from instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton reveals how women can burn fat, slim down and get a flat stomach utilizing the Dynamic Sequencing protocol.

For many women, keeping the weight off can be a constant struggle. Yo-yo and fad eating plans usually do little to help women stay slim and can even contribute to health problems. A newly released yoga program called Yoga Burn from female fitness instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton is helping women burn fat and even enhance their overall wellbeing.

In the last few years, yoga has become increasingly popular, expanding from a fitness niche to a mainstream phenomenon. While yoga can offer a number of benefits, including burning fat and increasing flexibility, it’s important for individuals who are considering pursuing yoga to ensure they follow a qualified instructor to avoid possible injury.

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Yoga Burn, a newly released program by Zoe Bray-Cotton is designed specifically for women to help them burn fat utitlizing a yoga fat loss protocol called "Dynamic Sequencing". Zoe shows users how to perform each movement to ensure they are able to follow along and avoid some of the most common mistakes made by those new to yoga. With Yoga Burn, users do not need to be concerned with continuing to spend money on yoga classes and can in fact, work out in the comfort of their own home while ensuring they are receiving instruction from a qualified yoga instructor.

Zoe breaks the Yoga Burn program down into three phases spread out over a 12-week course. Each phase of the course is specifically designed to optimize fat loss while also assisting with body shaping and toning. The first phase of the program focuses on helping users to build flexibility and strength, while the second phase allows users to begin performing body transformation moves and poses. In this phase, users will be able to start toning their trouble spots. During the third and final phase of Yoga Burn, users will continue reshaping their body while improving their mood and energy level.

Unlike many yoga programs, Yoga Burn is designed specifically for fat loss, helping many to quickly burn away stubborn fat. The backbone of this program is Dynamic Sequencing, which allows users to perform specific poses and moves at certain times, at a specific intensity and in a specified order. The goal of this is to trigger fat burning hormones, cortisol in particular, in order to maximize a woman’s fat loss.

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Yoga Burn author Zoe Bray-Cotton is a certified yoga instructor, female fitness expert, and certified personal trainer. Zoe has taught all major types and styles of yoga for over ten years. In addition to teaching in yoga studios, Zoe has taught in some of the most renowned gyms in North America. Zoe decided to create Yoga Burn after she noticed that many clients complained they often had less than satisfactory results with the methods taught by traditional yoga instructors. She has helped hundreds of women get in shape using the same techniques taught in Yoga Burn.

The official website of Yoga Burn offers a digital version as well as a physical DVD version. Both versions are currently available at a discounted price for a limited time to celebrate the launch of the Yoga Burn program.

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