Yoga Burn Program Examining Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Secrets Released

Yoga Burn reviews have been flooding the Internet and reveals the truth about her Yoga secrets.

Yoga Burn claims to helps women drop the pounds, tone their butt and tummy, increase their metabolism, enhance their mood, and make them happier, sexier and healthier overall. This has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“Our Yoga Burn review shows that it is structured around 3 principle phases, each of which lasts 4 weeks. This makes for a complete 12-week program that targets strength, flexibility, weight loss, and stress management,” reports Stevenson. “The program provides simple to follow, step-by-step visual instructions that make following the course easy. The program includes her yoga secrets which contain moves women will not find anywhere else. Plus, each and every session provides variety and interest. They can also download an audio version to carry around on their cell or portable device, which makes it great for traveling.”

Yoga Burn has 3 phases: Foundation, Transitional Flow and Mastery Flow. Phase 1 is where women build up strength and flexibility and boost their metabolism to be able to progress forward. Their ability to carry out various yoga poses and movements increases. They will continue to build on the muscle tone, flexibility and strength they have gained in Phase 2. This phase also includes specific yoga sequences that lower stress levels and improve mood. Phase 3 is the true body transformation period where they will move forward to more advanced sequences and poses that can cause their body to change in a manner they probably never thought possible.

“The program is specifically designed for women of all ages. It does not matter how young or old they might be or whether they are underweight, the right weight or overweight. It works for everyone,” says Stevenson. “The program is presented in video format, and users can either download direct to their computer or mobile device, or have the physical DVD selection delivered to their door. It works for both beginners to yoga and to those who are already more experienced and want to get enhanced results from their yoga efforts.”

“Yoga Burn actually does have something new to offer. Zoe Bray-Cotton’s program will surprise even those who are already well into their yoga – thanks to some unique poses, sessions and moves that we have not seen anywhere else. For women and all those lithe youngsters with perfect bodies and designer Lycra who are looking for a true alternative to the sweaty gym, this program could well be exactly what they need. If they stick to the program, they really will see their body begin to change – that is for sure.”

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