Yoga Burn (HerYogaSecrets) Review Exposes 3 Critical Yoga Mistakes To Avoid For Maximum Fat Burning

Yoga Burn is a brand new Yoga DVD program designed just for women interested in getting rid of stomach, improving energy and getting fit released by Yoga instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton.

Yoga Burn is a newly released Yoga program only for women released by Yoga instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton that shows women how to use a specific technique called "Dynamic Sequencing" to burn and melt unwanted body fat, improve health, energy and well-being without any of the flaws of typical yoga programs.

Zoe Bray Cotton, certified Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer and Female Body Transformation Specialist introduces women to her lifetime project and ten years of training and experience packed inside 12 weeks follow-along video series collectively called ‘Yoga Burn’. The distinguishing factor about Yoga Burn is that it is designed especially for women from every race and ethnicity and it utilizes the basic principles of physical flexibility and spiritual meditation tailored in accordance to the female form and stature.

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"The main goal of Yoga should be to promote better health, fitness and well-being and over the years Yoga has become less and less effective due to instructors watering down the methods and techniques in an effort to grab up more market shares of a lucrative market. Yoga Burn was created out of this need for a quality progressive Yoga program which can be done from home, on one's own time which delivers maximum fat-burning results and body shaping on a consistent basis. Dynamic Sequencing allows women to progress through different phases which keeps challenging the body without putting additional stress on it. The end result is a natural solution for accelerated fat-burning without spending tons of money on yoga classes taught by ineffective instructors", reports Zoe Bray-Cotton.

Due to the fact that Yoga Burn is especially designed and developed for women, it gives its entire yield only if followed with determination and commitment, which isn’t hard at all since every video is jam-packed with enjoyable sessions. Yoga Burn is ingeniously built in three unique phases; each phase deliberates extensively on the basics of accurate yoga and then builds up to mastered artistry to yield full results.

The first phase of the Yoga Burn system called "Foundational Flow" reveals to women the foundation of a fat-burning, strong, effective yoga workout which reduces stress on the body and helps to start shaping the body and melting fat. This is completely unique to Yoga Burn. Phase 1 prepares women for the second phase of the Yoga Burn program called "Transitional Flow". In this phase Zoe Bray-Cotton teaches women how to combine three specific yoga moves consisting of upper body, the lower body and the core together for a effective set of movements. This phase helps to teach the body how to make use of more oxygen which improves endurance and overall aerobic conditioning.

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"Women commonly make three major mistakes when making the decision to jump into yoga. The first is these women take generic yoga classes. The second is women assume that Yoga will reduce stress which plays a part in fat loss. The third is a lack of consistent, steady progression," reports Zoe Bray-Cotton.

“Yoga Burn was developed so women can get the very best that yoga has to offer,” said Bray-Cotton, and she is pleased to help women around the world do away with costly yoga classes that can trigger stress, injury, or chronic pain. According to Bray-Cotton, the tips in her program have transformed her yoga regimen while helping other women take control of their own.

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The Yoga Burn DVD program is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee and also comes with a digital version for individuals who don't feel like waiting for the program to be shipped. The official website also features an in-depth video that reveals a yoga tip to help women achieve a flat, firm belly.

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