YMCA of Western Monmouth Counties Publishes Information on Summer Camp Benefits

Children grow in numerous ways when they attend a summer camp, announces YMCANJ.org

The American Camp Association reports 96 percent of children who attend day camp say they make new friends during the session and 70 percent of parents report their child gains self confidence when attending a camp. Parents who wish to help their children succeed in these areas may wish to look into Day Camps in Freehold, NJ, such as those offered through the YMCA of Western Monmouth Counties. Day Camps in Old Bridge, NJ offer a wide range of benefits parents should take into consideration when determining if this option is right for their child.

"Children who are fearful of residential camps need interaction and the day camp provides this while still allowing them to return home at night. The child gains a better understanding of what takes place at camp, and this helps to reduce his or her anxiety about being away from home. Children who attend a Summer Camp at the YMCA obtain a solid foundation for spending more time away from home also," Ashley Yurcisin, spokesperson for the YMCA of Western Monmouth Counties, explains.

Children gain coping skills when they attend summer camp. The child must learn to get along with new peers and how to ask for help from others. In addition, the children are encouraged to take on new risks without a parent present, showing them they can try new things and succeed on their own. Parents need to ensure the selected camp allows the child to do so and encourages new activities and interests, along with ones the child already knows and loves.

Summer camp provides the child with the opportunity to form relationships with new adults. Although children engage with adults while in school, these relationships are often hindered by the teacher to student ratio. Camps tend to have smaller counselor to camper ratios, allowing the child to spend more time with an older teen or adult on a one-to-one basis. The child learns to ask for what they need in this relationship and this is a skill they will retain when they leave the camp, Yurcisin continues.

Camp provides an opportunity for children to feel like they belong. Many parents get tired of hearing the songs and chants children bring home from camp, but these musical selections offer the child a sense of belonging. The child becomes part of a group at camp and the songs and chants give them a sense of identity. The music bonds them with others and allows them to feel they are rooted in the group.

"These are only a few of the many benefits associated with summer camp. Parents are sure to discover numerous others as their child takes part in this popular summer tradition. Visit the YMCA of Western Monmouth Counties to learn more about the summer camps and programs offered. Parents are sure to find one that is perfect for their child," Yurcisin states.

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