YiQi Hanzi Utilizes Creative Design to Make Learning Chinese Characters Easier than Ever

Live on Kickstarter, YiQi Hanzi is the easiest way to learn & memorize Chinese Characters through creativity.

YiQi Hanzi, the revolutionary new creative flash card system uses creative design to make the Chinese language accessible for all, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Chinese language is notoriously one of the most difficult languages to learn for newcomers. It is a strikingly beautiful language colored with thousands of characters which can make the undertaking somewhat daunting for those looking to learn Chinese as a second language. YiQi Hanzi has reimagined the traditional language learning process by using creative drawings to enhance visual memory while telling the stories and culture through the unique characters.

“Chinese characters are beautiful. How and why characters were created tell stories and history. I would love to share the culture with the world and help people learn the language,” says founder and award-winning designer Mengyu Cao on the inspiration behind the project. “We believe in learning Chinese through creativity. Learning should be fun and joyful. We are not only building original hand-drawing creative characters. We tell stories and the history behind them. It's story-telling with design thinking to make Chinese learning easy.”

The YiQi Hanzi learning system is based on three core tenants that will help make learning the language easier than ever:

1. Using Visuals To Enhance Memory
2. Telling Stories and Culture Through Characters
3. Radicals and Components are the Keys to Learning Characters

Each character on the flash cards have been beautifully illustrated to add beautiful symbols giving hints as to the meaning of the character while also providing fuller meaning through stories and the teaching of the culture. The flash cards are also QR-code enabled which means that each card can be scanned and connected to a full online learning center with full resources. Learning can take take place both with the wonderfully tactile flash cards as well as the in-depth online system which grants partial access to the portal for flash card owners with full access available to subscribers.

“Chinese is difficult and different from Latin languages with no alphabet. Characters are visual. We want to use creative visualization to enhance people's memory. Use story-telling and radicals system to help people truly understand characters. So, it's not impossible to learn Chinese anymore,” adds Cao.

Experience the most beautiful way to learn Chinese. YiQi Hanzi is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/yiqihanzi/yiqi-hanzi-learn-chinese-flashcards-and-online-learning-center

About YiQi Hanzi

YiQi Hanzi founded in 2020, is a women-owned company based in San Francisco, CA. Aim to provide creative solutions to easy Chinese learning. Use visual and creativity to enhance the learning experience. Make the stories and history of Chinese characters come to life. To spread Chinese culture and the beauty of characters to the world.

For more information on YiQi Hanzi please visit www.yiqihanzi.com


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