YEU THE THAO Honors Top 5 Greatest Athletes in World Football and Other Sports

YEU THE THAO released information about the top legendary athletes from around the world.

YEU THE THAO, a Vietnam based online news agency that provides recent news from the world of football and other sports. A company representative talks about the top 5 greatest athletes in its general news section. He first starts with the American boxing legend, Muhammad Ali. He won the championship three times in his career. This late legend was not only famous because of his boxing skills, but his humbleness towards people made him the global superstar. The spokesperson then talks about Sir Don Bradman, an Australian legend cricketer. This legend was not globally famous, but his work in the cricket world made him the superstar to the people who know about this game. His batting style was copied by millions of cricketers. Another athlete on YEU THE THAO’s list of greatest athletes is Pele, a Brazilian footballer. According to the spokesperson, YEU THE THAO had to discuss who is the better player between Messi, Maradona, Pele, and Ronaldo. But because of Pele’s contribution to Brazil’s world cup victory of 1958 and 1970, he tops the list. This soccer king has scored around 1281 goals in his career.

The next legend comes from a game that is considered as a high-class sport. Tiger Woods or popularly known as Super Tiger is a professional golfer who has won over 15 major titles. He was once the holder of 4 major titles at the same time. His career in golf has made him the second richest sportsperson in the world. The employee then moves from the second richest sportsman to the wealthiest sportsperson in the world, Roger Federer. This swiss champion has won 20 grand slam titles. And have cemented his position as the legend all over the globe.

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