Yet5 Opens New Office In Bangalore While Expanding Training Opportunities in Chennai

Yet5 offers a connection service for providers and seekers of professional training across all fields, and has opened a new office in Bangalore while continue to expand their Chennai operations.

Training is the key to a career in every field, whether in art or science, engineering or public affairs. The problem is that because training is so essential, there are a huge number of people willing to provide it, and separating the bad from the good can be impossible without recommendations. Yet5 is a website created specifically to provide such recommendations, and covers all conceivable industries in India. They have found such success that they have expanded their operations not only within Chennai, but in a new office in Bangalore.

Yet5, which still continues to offer SAP Training in Chennai, together with a host of other industries, is also expanding its training resources in Bangalore. The new office will help them to head research on the ground, attending these training institutions and assessing them before recommending them to potential trainees.

The new Bangalore office will enable the company to extend their reach by a huge margin, and provide the most comprehensive training listings services for India. The site recently reached milestone traffic of 1.2 million users, and this number is sure to continue increasing now that the team has doubled-down on their commitment to its success.

A spokesperson for explained, “We are thrilled to be opening our new office but want to assure our partners in Chennai that we are not forgetting them. The wonderful work done by our team so far has been incredibly rewarding for the trainees we have helped connect with trainers. We want to be able to provide such a quality of service throughout all of India, and Bangalore is a major next step. The office will allow us to expand our reach exponentially, and we look forward to being approached by new training institutions who want to connect with those looking for meaningful training.”

About Yet5: helps those seeking training to find the best providers and courses to enhance necessary skills. provides a user friendly platform for training providers to reach out the training seekers. Founded in 2009, has growing Network of more than 5,000 training providers from 49 cities in India with 700+ course categories. More than 1.2 Million people are visiting, helping the business to grow.

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