YearBookAlive Announces Partnership with Yale University

Yale University, one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions, has forged a partnership with YearBookAlive to offer online yearbooks.

YearBooksAlive has been a preferred provider for offering yearbook solutions to schools for the past two decades. They are now proud to announce their new partnership with Yale University. This partnership will offer Yale students, alum and faculty a protected and secured online interactive yearbook. This yearbook is hosted in the cloud and is part of the Digital Yearbook Revolution in how yearbooks are best handled for today and for the future. These yearbooks offer a completely interactive experience that print yearbooks are incapable of. They also put less stress on the environment due to paper and book production processes and is more cost effective since it is entirely web based.

The YearBookAlive online yearbooks have video chat and multiple chatrooms that can be used to update students on any level of school news and schedules, and for socializing. Schools have the opportunity to raise funding through the access sales to the yearbook by issuing passwords to the secure area upon payment. This is done without the much higher costs of print yearbook production fees that school have had to budget for in the past.

These online yearbooks offer more than 10 gigs of space so schools, students and teachers can add an unlimited amount of photos, videos and music. Additional advantages of online yearbooks from YearBookAlive is they are cost effective due to no minimum order limits, per-copy royalties or any other additional fees for schools to have to budget for. Since these yearbooks are hosted in the cloud, there is no software, or hardware or maintenance purchases required. Schedules, assignments, articles and engaging with students in real time are valuable features of the YearBookAlive online yearbook along with the ability to add all types of multimedia formats.

About About YearBookAlive
Ruthy Navon founded YearBookAlive in 1999 after her oldest son had lost a close friend in the military. To honor his memory, Ruthy's son set out to create a photo collection to offer to his family. He had one photo of his own to start with from his yearbook. To his frustration, it was very difficult to find additional photos of his friend and Ruthy realized the need to create a better solution. Since that time, YearBookAlive has become a preferred provider to schools so students and teachers can build rich, interactive yearbooks.

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