Y3PL Inventory Management System Makes Day-to-Day Warehousing a Cakewalk for 3PL Business Owners

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Y3PL warehouse management system, a feature-rich software program developed for 3PL owners and operations managers, brings in a whole lot of benefits to the business owners and managers.

Y3PL Inventory Management System, a warehouse management system that streamlines core business processes such as buying and selling, warehousing, packing and shipping, recently introduced its software-based system for faster and more efficient inventory management. The developers said that their 3PL software would allow business owners and managers to track locations and license plates, receiving and shipping products and check stocks in real time really easy. They added that business managers, especially inventory managers, can easily check the expiration date and customer pricing using the software tool.

However, the biggest benefit of Y3PL software system, as the developers described, is the 3PL billing assistance that the software provides. They said that the 3PL business operations managers can get better control over shopping carts, and easily manage client-specific billing, automated billing and detailed billing reports.

The 3PL warehouse management system comes in form of an Android app which can be downloaded and used for a one-time fee. The developers said that their software-based system can make warehouse management and inventory management a breeze for the end users, most of whom are 3PL business owners and managers. One of the developers said, “Back order tracking comes super-easy with our app. Also, business managers can easily check stock availability in real time and set customer-specific pricing and SKU. Also, our app makes it easy to set vendor-specific pricing and SKU. It also helps in inbound-shipment staging and in tracking vendor orders with barcode scanning”.

“Users can also generate and master BOL, attach comments and manage their inventory by number. They can also keep aside the damage products after a buyer returns the product. We have particularly simplified the product location tracking progress, which helps in supply chain management. Customers can now use their own domain and databases and use as many clients or users as they wish to their database of this third party logistics software product. The system can be integrated for free to any ecommerce platform. If someone faces an issue or a bug needs to be fixed, our technical team is committed to respond in less than one hour”, he added.

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Y3PL is a supply chain management and inventory management system developed by Y3PL Inc.
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