xxxNifty - Crytpo token set to revolutionize a $90+ Billion dollar industry

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xxxNifty Global Incorporated is a US based brand that has created $NSFW Token, a cryptocurrency utility token that aims to revolutionize a $90+ billion-dollar crypto space.

The world of adult content creators has embraced digital transformation and has always been at the forefront of technology changes, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are the next technology being adopted into the industry with many websites are making a shift towards accepting crypto payment methods after Credit Card regulations become tighter.

However, due to the slow uptake of cryptocurrency as a mainstream payment method globally this transition still has a long way to go.

xxxNifty Global Inc., a US company has come up with a solution in the form of $NSFW Crypto Token – a potential 1000x crypto token set to revolutionize the adult content industry in more ways than one.

“$NSFW Token is a cryptocurrency utility token created by xxxNifty Global Inc. to solve several problems within the Adult Entertainment Industry, in particular the issues that have been seen recently from Credit Card payment processing such as excessive transaction fees, chargebacks, and removal of services altogether.”

The brand states that xxxNifty is “changing the way adult content creators interact with their fans with the first fully functioning, and now the world’s largest adult NFT platform.” The brand’s spokesperson added:

“xxxNifty will further revolutionize the adult industry with their soon-to-be-released adults-only social media platform called Pleasurely. Both of these platforms utilize $NSFW Token as a payment method which provides protection to the creators and anonymity to the viewers.“

The $NSFW Token and xxxNifty has the support and backing from multiple high-profile industry partners, including businesses such as Immoral Live, Wasteland, Nexxxt Level Talent Agency, Chickpass Amateurs, and More, as well as exclusive partnerships with top performers such as Amouranth, NoFaceGirl, Miss Cali Carter and Dan Leal to name a few.

The initial launch of the $NSFW Token pre-sale, and PancakeSwap listing events took place in the second quarter of 2021; Since then the token has been listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Flooz.Trade and upgraded the xxxNifty NFT Marketplace platform to version 2.

In the final months of 2021, xxxNifty will increase marketing activities such as the already released Brandy Love live video, as well as Lexi Lore video on YouTube, The partnership with Amouranth will also kick into full swing to coincide with the launch of their new adult’s only social media platform where users and fans can expect to directly interact with their favorite creators through posts, images, videos, chat and live video all of which will utilize the $NSFW Crypto for payments.

xxxNifty is looking forward to the first quarter of 2022 and the myriad of exciting ventures scheduled for the next stage of the brand’s expansion. The brand plans to integrate $NSFW Token payments on other adult websites, step into the industry of Adult virtual reality and gaming, acquire more business partnerships, and expand $NSFW Token utility further with easier onboarding and improved user experiences.

As the brand states, “xxxNifty sees a tremendous opportunity for growth and implementation of new technologies in the estimated $90+ Billion Dollar per year online adult entertainment industry. These developments will all have $NSFW payments integrated directly into the technology.”

Adults interested in the full development and progress of the xxxNifty platform’s can find more information on the NSFWPay’s official website xxxNifty was the only adult cryptocurrency and NFT marketplace at the recent Exxxotica Miami event and will also be attending the upcoming Washington event.

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Name: Gavin Reddrop
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