Xverify Announces the Company is Now Privacy Shield Certified

Xverify.com focuses on providing real-time data verification and is now a Privacy Shield certified company

Undeliverable emails hurt the sender’s reputation significantly. Additionally, a business’s email list will deteriorate by approximately 25 percent every year. This means one of every four emails on most company’s lists is invalid. After several years without verification, a list may be rendered completely useless.

With more businesses and organizations putting more of a priority on ensuring emails are delivered to real people, the competition in this field has become stiff. In an effort to help businesses and organizations have more accurate email campaigns, Xverify has become Privacy Shield Certified.

“With the verification services we offer, you can eliminate hard bounces and improve email deliverability,” stated Xverify representative Krista Barrack. “Our team is dedicated to providing results that reduce spam complaints and minimize the potential for fraud for our clients.”

The recent certification from Privacy Shield has provided more credence to the company showing that their efforts and techniques deliver the results promised. With 18 percent of all user data being completely useless in most company’s email lists, having an Email Verification system that works is paramount. The software can not only alert businesses to emails that are no longer active but also correct human error, which is responsible for up to 10 percent of all email list issues.

“In order to receive the Privacy Shield certification our company had to publicly commit to comply with the requirements of the Framework,” continued Barrack. “This commitment is actually enforceable under U.S. law. We are providing our customers with peace of mind they can use and rely on our services for verifying their email lists, without fear of this information being stolen, sold or used in any other nefarious manner.”

Verifications happen everywhere and the software utilized by Xverify can work with mobile devices and the cloud. More about the services offered and benefits provided is available at the Xverify website.


Xverify is a unique, online software providing companies the ability to eliminate hard bounces and improve email deliverability. It helps to reduce complaints of spam and minimize cases of fraud. Additional services provided include data intelligence, batch uploading and increased deliverability of email campaigns. It is imperative for modern companies to clean out their email list regularly to prevent old, inactive and outdated addresses from being targeted. With the help of Xverify, this process is quick, easy and effective, providing superior results compared to other options available online today.

Contact Info:
Name: Krista Barrack
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Organization: XVerify LLC
Phone: 8669039164
Website: http://www.xverify.com

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