Xuat Khau Lao Dong VoV – An Emerging Labour Export Center in Vietnam

Xuat Khau Lao Dong VoV tells about its company and how it helps Vietnamese labour work in Japan and Taiwan.

As more and more companies cooperate with foreign businesses, the demand for Vietnamese human resources is rising higher. If you find a unit to help, you work in a foreign country, approach Xuat Khau Lao Dong VoV. This company operates under the Voice of Vietnam, recruiting and sending labour to work in Japan and Taiwan. The company is licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. It also was honoured with a certificate of merit from the government. Th has been the prestige factor for the company that always comes first. With the motto "Nurturing the seeds - Developing the future", the company always wants to bring employees suitable and stable long-term job.

The company prioritizes the workers' interest that makes it become an influential company in overseas labour. It comprises a team of staff with comprehensive experience, and the company supports local agencies located in Taipei, Kaohsiung Taiwan, Taichung, and Tokyo, Osaka in Japan. Many workers visit the company to find appropriate jobs with stable income. There are several labour export industries such as agriculture, construction, garment, aquaculture, food processing, etc. Interns, as well as workers, are free to choose an appropriate field as per their department. Also, since its inception in 1996, being the Japan study abroad consultancy, Xuat Khau Lao Dong VoV has gained the trust of several international student families and potential partners. The company provides all the necessary information to help students have a highly accurate view of studying abroad. Further, it will ask immediately to enrol in the oriented language course of the centre. Xuat Khau Lao Dong VoV will help you find a suitable school for your study aspirations, academic studies, and family economic conditions.

Earlier, Xuat Khau Lao Dong VoV has visited many parts of the country and worked with the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to conduct labour export training in various provinces. The company organizes exchanges to build a healthy playground, merging learning and working so that labour can acquire competence and strengthen the motivation for a new career path.
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About the Company: Xuat Khau Lao Dong VoV is an emerging labour export agency, training and helping students get stable jobs in their department.

Contact details:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xuatkhaulaodongvov

Contact Info:
Name: Nguyen Huu Khanh
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Organization: Emico International Human Cooperation Center – Radio the Voice of Vietnam
Address: Building HH1, 87 Linh Nam, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi City, Vietnam
Phone: 0933711968
Website: https://xuatkhaulaodongvov.com/

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