Xtend Life Offers Fish Oil Supplement Featuring Game Changing Ubiquinol Reports David Tait

David Tait claims Xtend Life fish oil supplement can lead to increased energy, clarity of mind and aid muscle and heart health in later life, thanks to a scientific advancement discovered in Japan.

Fish oil has been understood to be beneficial to health for generations, though the distasteful spoonful of cod liver oil is all but forgotten by younger generations as fish oil capsules have been developed to make it a painless and flavorless experience. Fish oil helps to keep the heart healthy as well as lubricate joints and keep them mobile for longer, but faces a disadvantage in that older people must consumer ever larger quantities to feel the benefit. Xtend Life have developed a fish oil supplement that uses a new ingredient to change all that, creating the most effective fish oil supplement ever in the process according to health analyst David Tait.

The key ingredient in Xtend Life Fish Oil is ubiquinol, a reduced form of ubiquinone more easily absorbed by the body and therefore more effective in creating the changes those over 40 are looking for, but would have to ingest huge amounts of fish oil to replicate.

The supplements look to offer health improvements, with up to 80% improvement rates for those who have suffered from heart failure as a result of the ubiquinol based formula. These improvements have been evidence in pulmonary edema, embolism, palpitations, arrhythmia and rales. Those suffering from heart conditions can buy Xtend Life Fish Oil direct from the website and enjoy the benefits after just a couple of weeks of use.

David Tait explained, “Ubiquinol is an excellent advancement in nutritional science but it takes a number of special and highly adapted processes to ensure it is kept in its pure form before absorption in the body, meaning only advanced laboratories like ours can ensure it is not exposed to oxygen and catalyzed into the less useful ubiqinone that older metabolisms struggle to absorb. That’s why Xtend Life is one of the few offering this enhanced and extremely effective fish oil supplement, which is the most potent to enter the market. The ubiquinol works with the omega fish oil in a symbiotic relationship that makes both more effective than they would be alone.”

About David Tait:
David Tait is a health analyst and blogger. He is regularly asked for his opinion on issues related to health and supplements.

About Xtend Life:
Xtend Life is a family-owned business based in New Zealand, with the mission to provide their customers with a foundation for strong health and better appearance, and enhance customers’ potential for satisfaction and enjoyment of life. In early 2000, Xtend-Life Natural Products (Intl) Ltd. launched with its flagship supplement: Total Balance. From there they have expanded the company and its offerings significantly. For more information please visit: http://www.xtend-life.com.

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