XoBOXeros.com Launch A New Contest To Win An Xbox Ones S

A new contest has been launched by the XoBOXeros.com to win Xbox Ones S

XoBOXeros.com have just launched a contest where people can win an Xbox One S. For many people this contest might be the right chance to get one of the newest video game consoles on the market just in time for the holidays. Entry into the contest is simple and quick, only requiring a visit to XoBOXeros.com to fill out the contest form.

The Xbox One S is among the newest Xbox One consoles made by Microsoft. At the time of writing, it is the only market-available console that features HDR, 4K streaming video, and 4K Blu-ray playing. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and results in better picture in not just Blu-ray playback and video streaming, but also when watching live television, or when playing Xbox One compatible video games. Including up to 2 full terabytes of storage, this console can save more files than ever before. While the file storage is huge, the system is not, physically 40 percent smaller than previous Xbox One consoles. Previous Xbox owners will be delighted to discover that power supply is now inside the actual case. To save even more space and help out cooling, the Xbox One S comes with a vertical stand.

XoBOXeros.com are a group of gamers who are passionate about connecting with the gaming community. At the time of writing, the contest offered is focused primarily around Xbox systems. However, the team does not exclusively focus on this area and more contests are expected to be posted in the future.

XoBOXeros.com are known for running frequent giveaways and contests. The consoles are shipped to the winners without any delay just after the contest is completed. All Xboxes in the contest are new and unused. They also come with a warranty. Pictures of previous winners can be seen on the XoBOXeros.com website. Contestants, members of the media, and any other party with questions for xoBOXeros.com can contact personnel through the website's Contact page, or through social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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