WP Video Press Helps Users Boost Conversions By Forcing Visitors To Pay To Unlock Their Valuable Content

Having videos on landing pages can be great for increasing conversions but just sitting here and hoping it will work is not a right solution. With WP Video Press, now you can get better results on your marketing with the control of viewers and engagement.

WP Video Press is a new WP plugin that will assist people in boosting their conversions with giving a complete control of how visitors watch and engage with their videos. It enables the consumers to create unlimited video players with dozens of powerful engagement effects and hundreds of dynamic frames in just minutes.

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This plugin is completely compatible as it can work perfectly with all popular video platforms, video URLs, and direct uploads.

WP Video Press gives users the ability to force fullscreen mode between any start and end point in the playback of video. Also, they will have videos go to a “fixed thumbnail plackback” whenever their visitors scroll on the page once using this plugin. It allows them to choose any screen corner (top right or left, bottom right or left” for this “fixed thumbnail playback.”

People can customize and playback to suit their sites perfectly with this product. Not only have a custom control for width in percentage, but all players can specify aspect ratio and video playback quality.

It just requires people to follow some simple steps to massive conversions with WP Video Press. In the first step, WP Video Press’ users will be required to choose their video format to upload and then choose the size as well as ratio. After that, what they need to do is to set their desired video format and add their engagement effects. Also, they can lock some content behind (like a buy button or optin form) and set the timings at the final step.

People can find more special features of WP Video Press here

With WP Video Press, users can massively boost conversions by forcing visitors to pay or optin to unlock their valuable content.

Furthermore, they can enable/disable features to their advantage anytime they want. For example, they can enable and disable player controls for Youtube videos or information on video like title, uploader, etc. of their video on Youtube.

One of the best things people can get once purchasing WP Video Press plugin is that they can choose from over 150+ amazing video frames to engage viewers with their website content. These frames can adjust to any size of the video that people select to show on their site.

Understand that top-notch support is one of the most important things for a quality product, WP Video Press team always do their best to solve any problem of consumers as soon as they can.

Moreover, once using this product, all updates will be delivered automatically with 100% free of charge to the customers. WP Video Press also comes with full multi-site and developer license so that people can install it on as many sites as they want.

This incredible WP plugin also offers step-by-step video tutorials for newbies to help them learn how to install it as well as how to use all the beneficial features to get better results in their business.

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