WP Twin: Instantly Set Up A Perfect Clone Of Any Website In Seconds

Now there is a real, time-tested solution available that helps people to protect their WordPress and private information when their website gets down and cut off all of their traffic and income.

WP Twin is a latest time-tested cloud site backup and restores solution that allows users to create affiliate websites or local business websites for their clients in just a couple of clicks.

WP Twin is not just for backing up and saving sites; it is also an ultimate marketing weapon. Just uploading the WP Twin script, click clone, and users have created a copy of their website, including Apps, Settings, Data, Content, Comments, Plugins, Active and inactive themes, User accounts, Media, etc. All of them are always safely cloned and ready to move to another domain or server if user’s current website ever goes down for any size site.

WP Twin is created to comprise many useful features:

Runs on Pc, Mac, iPad, Android: This feature allows users to use WP Twin in any plugin regardless of what they deploy their sites as long as they have an internet connection.

Takes a few seconds to use: The process of uploading WP Twin is easy when users just need to download the clone file or if users want to restore later, just upload WP Twin clone file and then click deploy.

Clones anything and everything: Users can clone anything they want on their WP site such as posts, pages, comments, permalinks, etc.
Works with many versions of WordPress: It doesn't matter what version users started or ended with; they can quickly restore their websites and blogs if they are even using the old version of WordPress.

Remained the test of time: The company has consistently been updating WP Twin with the latest technology so that users can be assured WP Twin will work perfectly.

The ultimate affiliate marketing weapon: Users can clone successful sites for different long-tail keywords in just a click instead of manually creating some new niche sites.

Clone full membership sites fast: These particular sites allow users to clone the entire thing for a new product faster regardless of they use WishList Member, Optimize Press or another membership site builder with 1 or 100 levels.

The perfect 'offline' sales tool: Just setting up a perfect dentist optimize WP page, users can sell it over and over again to different businesses.

Change domains and hosts on the fly: The process of moving WP site to a new host or new domain just takes a few clicks of a button.

Fast customer support: Rapid Crush Inc has USA support agents are always ready to answer any question in under 1 hour.

Users can backup and clone their WordPress website by following these four simple steps:
Step 1: Firstly, users need to upload the clone script to the WordPress site.
Step 2: Next, click clone the WordPress site.
Step 3: Then download the clone to the computer and upload to any site to deploy it.
Step 4: Finally, users just need to click to launch their clone on new domain and marvel in delight.

Using WP Twin, users will never have to build another website from scratch. They just need to clone their winning website along with their theme, settings, layout, placeholder content, and they can use this clone to create new websites in seconds without conducting the same process again.

WP Twin has been used by more than 10,000mcustomers over the world and successfully cloned WordPress sites over 2 million times.

Bob Lindner, a beta user of WP Twin, tried this product and stated: “WP Twin is an incredible time saver. I appreciate the simplicity of how easy it is to clone a WordPress site. In the event my sites ever get hacked or have some other catastrophic failure, I can be up and running again, within minutes, without missing a post or a comment! What a safety net site lightning fast.”

For just a small investment in WP Twin, users never have to worry about all their hard work getting ripped away from them. They do not have to wait weeks or months of manually rebuilding their website from scratch after a Malware or hacker attack or spend hundreds of dollars, building sites for each new offline client.

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