WP Master Developer Code Editor Creates WordPress Plugins, Themes, Add-ons with Seven built-in Tools for Rapid WP Development

WP Master Developer Pro - Code Editor for Wordpress, allows the user to integrate HTML, JavaScrip, CSS, PHP, SML, C#, JScript.Net and other technologies to produce highly functional web pages, stand-alone apps powered by Java Script.Net. It offers auto-popping WP function parameter lists.

WP Master Developer Pro-Code Editor for WordPress, which offers ready-to-use solutions. It comes with seven new built-in tools for agile WorPdress development the user can quickly create Add-ons, WordPress Plugins, and Themes. The WP Master Developer offers instant help on over 2500 WP functions. It is easy to use and simplest way to learn to code. Even the newbie marketers can easily use this WP Master Developer Pro, it is a unique upgrade of JavaScrip Editor, and it is considered as the number one code editor for WP.

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The seven new built-in tools for quick Wordpress Development include:

• Templates
• Auto-complete
• Intellisense
• Auto-popping WordPress Function Parameter Lists
• Easy Project Reuse - Head Start for all Fresh Projects
• Immediate help on over two thousand five hundred WordPress Functions

Also, the user can run WordPress on their computer for quicker development, and they can check the Syntax for PHO and the JAvaScrip code with the just press on the mouse.

WP Master Developer by Dr. Alex Davidovic helps the user learn to program from beginner to JavaScript expert in just two weeks. It is a guide that offers step-by-step instruction and includes all resources and tools that are needed and helps the user administer all their web projects with confidence and ease. There are plenty of WP Master Developer Pro reviews shows several happy customers.

The facts of the growing popularity of WordPress include:

- WordPress installed on 60.6 percent of the websites running CMS (Content Management Systems)
- WP use on 74.6 million websites
- Per month there are over 37 million WordPress related keywords searches are happening on the internet
- Per year over 446 million searches, which is 1.5 times more than the entire US population
- The WordPress-Keyword alone gets over 450,000 match searches every month.
- It is available in over 40 languages

With such huge numbers, it is not a surprise that making just one powerful WordPress Plugin can carry a fortune to the Dr. Alex Davidovic. That is the reason he developed this WP Master Developer to help users understand the weekly earning potential and learn how to produce WP Plugin and also obtain the best tool for the task.

People can find more specific features of WP Master Developer Pro - Code Editor for WordPress here

With seven layers of support for developing WordPress Themes and Plugins, the WordPress Code Editor was developed, and with its support for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, XML and over 2,500 WP functions are taking up the task. It is a complete code editor for WP, which is readily available today for everyone.

The WP Master Developer is ideal for the people who want an easy and practical way to learn to program, or who want to build a multi-billion dollar software company and make WP plugins to the marketers who want to buy, or they just want to be in the competition. Whatever the reason is it is proven that the WP master JavaScript Developer is just they need to be successful.

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