WP Is Life Publish New Actionable Guide To Optimizing Website Load Speeds

WP Is Life understands that a fast loading website is the key to success in the modern online environment, and has published a new guide helping businesses optimize their load speeds.

The internet is fast becoming the world’s biggest and most preferred marketplace, with the vast majority of initial enquiries now taking place through major search engines. In order to net potential customers, websites must be beautiful and compelling, but most importantly, fast. Website load speed is the biggest contributor to website ROI, as it creates a seamless experience for users. WP Is Life is a blog dedicated to helping people perfect their WordPress website from both a content and performance perspective, and has launched a brand-new article on WordPress speed optimization.

The article shares several interesting insights, which show that pagespeed indicators do not represent actual load times, but rather how many ‘tips’ or ‘tricks’ a site has used to pass their test. In their article, WP Is Life put the emphasis back on real load times, and share the three most important factors affecting them.

The article has been designed to provide real, actionable website speed optimization advice to anyone interested in improving their WordPress performance, stripping away the days of tinkering and tweaking to put the focus solely on the most impactful difference makers. The guide is freely available to all, and can provide anyone with the means to get those all-important sub-1-second load speeds.

A spokesperson for WP Is Life explained, “Anything with a load speed of more than one second is considered slow. This may seem punishing, but it’s how it is. Using the tips we have put together in this guide, getting load times beneath that ceiling is eminently achievable. What’s more, doing so will mean people spend more time exploring a site, more time investing in the content of each page, and as a result, are far more likely to take the key actions such as enquiries or purchases that the website is designed to create.”

About WP Is Life: WP Is Life is an online resource center dedicated to helping people get the best from their WordPress website. The blog is regularly updated by its webmaster who is commited to discover, authenticate and share the most recent best-practices in web design and performance, to help businesses make a success of their online presence.

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