WP Content Ranker Supports Users To Easily Rank Their Site In The Top Results Of Google

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Once the website becomes to rank in the top results of Google, the users can get more visibility. This means that they also get more traffic and conversions. Now, thanks to WP Content Ranker, they are able to do easily it within a few clicks.

WP Content Ranker is the powerful tool that assists users to rank their site to the first page or Google’s search results for any keyword in any niche. It includes social syndication feature which helps users increase their signals, leverage authority and boost social awareness.

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Here are several outstanding features that this tool delivers:

Rank in Google’s search results and helps to increase traffic. Users are able to get indexed for more keywords, rank for more terms and boost targeted traffic. They also can boost social popularity within some clicks. By simply clicking a button, users can share their posts and pages on social sites for more signals and links.

Reverse engineer competitors, discover the way they rank and then become the authority. WP Content Ranker reverse engineers Google for any keyword, in any language, and for any niche. Besides, it is quite convenient because it works with any Google location of users’ choice. The data, term, and insights offered by this tool will enable them to construct optimized content for themselves which is better than their competitors.

Rank more keyword and boost their targeted traffic as well as increase conversions. This tool enables users to syndicate each and every WordPress post to social sites which will boost social signals and targeted traffic. They also can leverage social authority for each post they syndicate by having a solid link back from the social site.

Auto generates their content that ranks, build page 1 optimized content drag and drop quickly. WP Content Ranker will allow users to simply analyze Google for their keyword, then drag and drop optimized content into their own editor.

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Furthermore, users can take advantage of this tool through three easy steps. Firstly, they can install the plugin and configure settings. After that, they are allowed use it to analyze competitors, create post and syndicate content. Finally, they can wait to watch their ranking and traffic increase within a few minutes.

Additionally, this WP plugin is ideal for everyone who would like to rank their website on the top results of Google. Especially, it is also perfect for bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs or even SEO pros as well. WP Content Ranker tool is the perfect companion for any WordPress site that in reality helps users rank.

“I belong to several high-level SEO Groups, and one of the topics mentioned over and over is on-page competition analysis. There are a lot of SEO tools out there but have you ever seen one that will pull in all the data from top 10 competitors, AND any URL you add to that? The data is in a super-easy to use format. You can even drag and drop headings, images, and videos onto your own WordPress page, directly from the compiled data. The Check Keyword function alone is worth buying this plugin, for it will check your page against all the compiled contents of your top 10 competitors and indicate the LSI keywords you need to add - simply amazing! Love this plugin. And it is coming from Abbas Ravji and his dedicated team whose support is always top-notch”, said Carin Handsun

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