World's First Social App TERUM To Save The Planet

TERUM app is a platform and toolbox to allow for continuous innovations and content. The environmentalist app provides transparency on data usage, and users can decide on how much information to share.

TERUM app is a social app made by environmentalists in efforts to save the planet. The idea of TERUM app originated when the team realized that most people on Earth would continue to ignore this calamity, which made them realize that they needed to take action by themselves for change to happen.

“We cannot stand by and rely on corporations to monitor and reduce their emissions or governments with vested interests to be the gatekeepers of the Earth's wellbeing. So we have stepped into the breach to become the agents of change that our world desperately needs.

But we are not simply advocating for sustainable and regenerative solutions. Balance is the key to an equitable world, and social equity and economic welfare conversations are essential components of the TERUM network,“ said Garrett Riggio and team from TERUM.

With the TERUM app, it will connect users locally and globally to build communities that share the same vision. Users can share their passion and valuable information through content and connection. The TERUM community calls to inspire action through education and encouraging simple steps and small activities such as recycling, or choosing non-plastic products that users can easily integrate into their daily routine.
Quality engagements and positive behaviours that are well-received in the community will be rewarded with TERCOINS. The main idea from Terum is to build the future with eco-currency where they will be able to break the vicious cycle that sustainability is only an issue for those who can afford it. Tercoins will be introduced as a form of eco-currency with the vision to flatten the massive economic disparity between the rich and poor.
TERCOINS will be earned by organisations and individuals through challenges and activities aligned with sustainability and regenerative living, giving everybody a chance to access sustainable products.
Their mission is to build the world’s largest social platform to educate, inspire and raise the bar for the planet.
“We aim to deeply engage our users to contribute to environmental causes and each other. Our core values are transparency and protecting and defending customers’ privacy, data and dignity in all our designs”, added the spokesperson.
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TERUM is an environmental organisation in Denmark that plans to save the Earth through technology. The organisation is the first to create the social app, TERUM in efforts to save the world by encouraging society to contribute to the movement, one small step at a time. Their vision is to build a world where they can improve the standard of living without hurting the planet.

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