World’s First Cryptocommodity Use Case, a Cannabis-Based Cryptocurrency Economic System

Incipient Industries announces support of digital economics through cannabis related cryptocurrency initiatives

Incipient Industries Inc. (“Incipient”), a global innovator in cryptocurrency economic systems development, has completed the initial support elements required for the creation of a cannabis cryptocommodity.

A cryptocommodity is an asset-based cryptocurrency with value that is directly associated with a fixed product.

The cannabis-based cryptocommodity concept is known as Bitkif. Bitkif digital transactions are recorded using the KIF coins cryptocurrency network. The KIF coins cryptocurrency is based on technology similar to Bitcoin but is distinctly separate and different from Bitcoin. The KIF coins cryptocurrency operates using an open-source, decentralized computer network that is not centrally controlled or owned by any single entity.

“Cryptocommodities are foundational to the global digital economy. They enable analytics based on an associated asset rather than the wild speculation and uncertainty that comes with the majority of other cryptocurrencies,” explains Steven Dryall, CEO of Incipient, “Bitcoin gave us decentralized value exchange. Bitkif gives us decentralized value exchange with manageable metrics in the form of ‘digital cannabis’. The seeds of a decentralized economy can now be planted both physically and digitally.”

Using the principles outlined by the “Three Pillars of a Viable Cryptocurrency”, developed by Incipient CEO Steven Dryall (“The Three Pillars”), Bitkif demonstrates a use case that can simultaneously impact two burgeoning industries. As both the cryptocurrency and cannabis markets develop, Incipient sees Bitkif digital cannabis as a bridge for creating methods of capitalization and exploration that are not possible through existing mechanisms or regimes.

As part of The Three Pillars deployment method, Incipient sought out and found support for the cannabis-based cryptocommodity. Reaching beyond the cryptocurrency industry Incipient has established immediate collaboration from cannabis industry innovators Fast Leaf Ltd.

Fast Leaf Ltd., is the first cannabis micro-grow franchisor in Canada. They will leverage their unique network and resources to help further the cannabis cryptocommodity initiative. Matthew Della Valle, CEO of Fast Leaf Ltd., is very excited about the possibilities that cryptocommodities bring to the cannabis market.

Matthew supports the cannabis cryptocommodity with his views of the industry overall. “We at Fast Leaf Ltd. feel the future is in cryptocurrency. We want to be on the cutting edge of the cannabis market. Where permitted by law, we will support this cryptocurrency including using it in exchange for products and also our franchise transactions.”

KIF coins are currently circulating with a functioning network of nodes that are operated by a growing network of cannabis and cryptocurrency supporters. Software to use KIF coins is freely available online from sources independent of both Incipient and Fast Leaf Ltd.

For people or companies who are interested in supporting the cryptocurrency industry, the cannabis industry or both, the two organizations have made resources available to help others get involved. These resources can be found at their respective websites or through direct inquiry.

Those interested in learning more about the Bitkif concept or cryptocommodities in general should contact Incipient Industries Inc. Those interested in finding out more about participating in the digital cannabis economy should contact Fast Leaf Ltd. at

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Fast-Leaf is a Canadian based cannabis micro-grow franchisor. At Fast-Leaf we understand the cannabis industry and with that understanding we have created a cannabis growing franchise model that is extremely lucrative and highly profitable.

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Incipient Industries is a private Canadian based company that develops cryptocurrency economic systems. Incipient Industries has been involved with many aspects related to the redefinition of finance and changing the essence of economics.

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